The Best Petite Friendly Maxi Dress Brands

I am frustrated.

Do you know why?

Because I can never find the perfect fitting maxi dress. As much backlash petite women get for being too short or skinny, we don’t have it good for us in the fashion world. It is not as easy for us petite women to go on shopping spree’s. We cannot just buy and wear. It’s like shopping for a car.

Outfit details: Maxi Dress // Hat // Purse // Sandals


Finding a petite friendly maxi dress (or any dress for that matter) is like shopping for a new car. You have to visit a retailer in person, take it for a test drive, and make a pro/con list in your head. And because, like you, I don’t have time to visit store after store, I shop for most of my clothes online.

And then comes to hassle of making multiple orders to try things on and regretfully returning everything. Then I wish I had never ordered anything online in the first place.

Summer is just around the corner and petite women who love the look of long maxi dresses find it harder to shop for the perfect dress to take on vacation, out for dinner, or just running everyday errands in style.

Why can’t they just make maxi dresses that fit??


As a petite woman, I wanted to solve this dilemma and do some research to see which brands (that you can shop online) carry petite friendly maxi dresses. I’ve rounded up the best stores and a few gorgeous dresses for my fellow petite ladies.


I recently bought this off the shoulder lace maxi dress online and I love it. Yes, you read that right! Off the shoulder! But when have I ever followed rules? This dress is so beautiful on the shoulders – it gives a very tropical/southern vibe that is quite modest too. It also comes in a gorgeous blush color here!

Nordstrom always carries petite friendly brands. This maxi dress was no exception. There are a few I’ve found below that are also very pretty and versatile – perfect for your next summer getaway or get-together.


Banana Republic

A very petite friendly brand, Banana Republic has a variety of maxi dresses that fit very well. They also offer the most versatility in patterns and colors compared to the rest of the stores I researched. Their maxi dresses would look very cute for fancy dress dinners or night’s out on the town. I especially love their tropical print dresses. Although a bit on the pricy side, the dresses are largely very capsule wardrobe friendly.



LOFT has always been my go to Petite store (until BR) because they offer really great apparel options for working petite women. Office friendly fashion like trousers, collared shirts, blazers, and suits can all be found at LOFT. Although their style is a bit plain (not many fun prints or textures), their maxi dresses are made to last. Everything I’ve ever purchased here have been items I’ve kept for 5+ years, which is impressive considering fast fashion is taking over and producing poorly made items.



ASOS always has the cutest and trendiest pieces for their petite’s collection. They really take care of their petite consumers by providing a ton of the same trendy styles but with an exclusive petite twist! They were the only store I found that had over 5 pages filled with maxi dresses JUST for petite women! I’ve rounded up some of my favorites from this collection below, but I highly recommend you head over to their website to check out more of these gorgeous dresses.


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