Why It’s Time To Prioritize Your Health

It’s easy to say you’re a person who cares about your health.

Why wouldn’t you care? Self preservation is human nature. If you’re sick – you try to get better. If you’re tired – you sleep.

But the issue I want to talk about today isn’t whether or not you care about your health. It’s about one thing:

Are you prioritizing your healthy everyday single day?

Why prioritize your health?

As I write this article, I am recovering from a minor procedure that was a direct result of my passion for prioritizing my own health – even though it really hurt, has a long recovery, and took a good chunk of my time away from blogging and running a business.

But it’s given me piece of mind. And being less anxious is going to improve my physical & emotional health in the long run.

So why prioritize your health NOW instead of later?

I am not medically qualified to give you medical advice. But I will speak from my own experience – my 8 year journey of struggling with chronic illness. I will speak to you from my experience of being in and out of hospitals, trips to the ER, and everything I’ve learned from running my own businesses while dealing with all my health needs.


Your health & body is like an expensive pair of shoes


Here’s an analogy to answer that simple question in terms all women can understand:

Let’s say life hands you a pair of Loubs. How do you treat them so that they last you for years and years? You store them safely, you polish and clean them, you treat them well so that they treat you well.

Preserving my health is my top priority because if I don’t, I won’t get be able to live my life to the fullest extent.

And it saddens me to see people ruin their bodies and health because of bad decisions.

It saddens and shocks me to see people dealing with horrendous amounts of stress, bullying, or anxiety in the workplace.

Or neglecting their health to “fit in”

or because they just don’t want to waste time with “trivial” things like staying hydrated, getting check ups, or saying NO to toxic things.

Why prioritize your health?

Because it’s time to focus on YOU instead of others.

Because it’s time to make positive changes in your life instead of just suffering through it.

Because with today’s global events, no one else is going to focus on you, just themselves.


What does prioritizing your health look like?

It’s different for everyone because everyone’s health is different. Everyone’s needs are different.

Prioritizing your health may look like:

  • Getting a full night’s rest so that your body can heal and relax.
  • Saying NO to things that are not good for your physical and emotional states.
  • Eating for your mind & body.
  • Getting rid of toxic people, things, or environments so that you can focus on being your best self.
  • Ensuring you meet all your health needs – physical and emotional.
  • Taking up a hobby or physical activity that engages both your mind & body to work in tandem.

The list goes on and on. And these are tried and true tips on making sure you are physically fit, emotionally stable, and leading a life you love.

But most importantly, it’s something no one else is going to do for you.

And I wrote this post today to remind you that YOU deserve the time, space, and energy to make sure YOU feel, look, and think your best.

That is the mantra that guides my mission with The Petite Bijou. I want to make sure all women take time to enjoy their lives – and being in the right state of health is half of making sure you get to that state of enjoyment.


So take the time today to decide how you can do 1 thing to improve your health. What would the first thing you would do be? Leave a comment with that one thing and let me know! Let’s get the ball rolling on helping each other live the best versions of ourselves. 



  1. August 17, 2017 / 12:12 PM

    This is such an important topic! It is very easy to forget to take of our personal health, especially with the world we live in today. We are always on the go, and it can be hard to slow down. You make very good points on what we should focus on to be healthy emotionally and physically! Thank you for writing this post 😘

    • August 17, 2017 / 2:31 PM

      Thanks for stopping by Anna and giving your thoughts! I agree – we really need to slow down & focus on making sure we are not driving out emotional and physical health down the drain. Hope all is well!

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