Chic Straw Purses Under $100

If you could ask french women what one accessory they would choose to use all summer long, it would be a straw purse. It’s chic, lightweight, and can hold everything you may need for a stroll along the riverside. Straw…

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A Feel Good Fall Bucket List

A feel good fall bucket list? That’s what I was always after! As some of you may know, I suffer from seasonal depression, so I don’t get very excited about the approaching colder and darker days. But one thing that…

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Bijou Sephora Beauty Insider Sale Picks

  It’s the most wonderful time of the year… Just kidding. But it’s pretty close! Let’s face it, when Sephora has a sale, you have to go. It’s the best time to stock up on beauty products. It’s a great…

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The Best College Tips for Women

It’s back to school time and I wanted to share my master list of tips and tricks I’ve learned from being in college continuosuly for over 6 years! What can I say? I’m addicted to getting degrees… A majority of…

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Cape Cod Style: My End of Summer Fashion Go – To

It’s no secret I am obsessed with anything nautical. My favorite memories have always been by bodies of water. As a child, my family took a lot of trips to Florida and that’s where I always had good memories, you…

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Victoria’s Secret Angel Martha Hunt’s Number One Tip About Being Elegant

I had the incredible opportunity to attend a Victoria’s Secret Tour event held in Chicago this week. It was such a stunning showcase of all the new products. plus an appearance by Victoria’s Secret Angel, Martha Hunt, who I had…

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