10 Bedtime Rituals For A Better Morning

Mornings are tough – believe me, I know. I’m not exactly the morning type – like most people. Achieving that perfect morning is not easy, especially with the bedtime routines we are so used to! Late night snacking, boozing, or binge watching Netflix.

While all those things are great for staying sane and entertained, they are a negative impact to our sleep and health habits. So here are 10 bedtime rituals for a better morning:


Are you waking up rested and refreshed? If not, it's time to change your bed time routine. Click through to the post to learn how you can wake up early, feel relaxed, and have a productive day starting with the things you do before bed time. #bedtimeroutine #goodmorning

1. Electronic Downtime

Put down the phone, tablet, computer at least an hour before bedtime. The same goes for TV time. Seeing bright screens and graphics will cause restlessness. My favorite way to ensure I am putting down my electronics is by setting an alarm at 9PM and putting everything into a storage box that I can take out the next day. It’s a drastic measure but it works.

Don’t forget to use blue light blockers if you are using electronics throughout the day. These blue light blocking glasses will help you with eye issues and sleeping issues you may have due to electronics. At only $9, these glasses are well worth the piece of mind your eyes will be relaxed.


2. Drink Tarte Cherry Juice

Drink tarte cherry juice before bed time. Tarte cherry juice increases melatonin which will help get you sleepy and have a good night’s rest = better morning. My personal nutritionist recommends 2 full tablespoons. I got this tip from my physical therapist and nutritionist. Of course, do check with your GP before using any online tips related to wellness. But Tarte Cherry Juice is natural and shouldn’t really cause you any issues.

3. Light Stretching & Meditation

Light stretching and meditation will help release any tension from the day. Don’t wake up with stiff muscles and joints! You want your mornings to be fresh and wonderful! Now, don’t go off to the gym and try to get the energy out, you will just end up more energized and not sleeping. Some good bed time stretches on the bed will help. I found this Youtube tutorial quite helpful.

4. To-Do = Write A List

Sometimes, all it takes is writing something down to stop worrying about it. If you are going to bed thinking about tomorrow’s meeting or what to do about something a week from now, it’s time to stop. Over thinking will mean a restless night. Get out all that planning going on in you head (believe me, everyone does it) and write it down. Worrying about tomorrow’s chores will not help you get to tomorrow with a clear head (or a good nights sleep).

Use a daily planner like this one to write out to-do lists. If you’re brainstorming goals, this planner works very well. Bur if you’re just taking notes about something and need to jot down a few thoughts, any old notebook will do. Keep it at your bedside for those late night thoughts.



5. Take The Day Off

As soon as you get home (presuming you don’t have anywhere to go). change into something cozy. This is not just for your comfort though, but it will also let your skin breathe a little – which is great! Wearing tight jeans and socks all day long is not comfortable and also builds up sweat and bacteria.

Take the day off by removing any tight clothing, slipping into something loose, and making sure you take off all your makeup before bed! My favorite (I’m not joking when I say this is like heaven) heavenly robe is this one by Barefoot Dreams. I have taken cozy to a whole new level when relaxing by wearing this robe. Now I get it for other people and it’s been a part of their daily downtime routine.


6. Stop Late Night Eating

Late night eating will cause a restless night because you’ll have trouble falling asleep when you are digesting food. If you must have something, avoid sugars and high energy foods. I say stick with cherries (melatonin) or almonds for a quick snack. I learned a lot about nurturing from holistic doctor, Dr. Mark Hyman. Check out his website and podcasts here to learn more about helpful wellness routines.

7. Pamper

This is likely the only time you get (aside from the weekends)  to just pamper yourself. Do a healthy spa night every night and you’ll feel great in the morning. Consider dry brushing your skin or having a relaxing facial. My favorite way to pamper my skin is using the oh so helpful Alpha Beta Peel Pads from Dr. Dennis Gross. Although pricey, these peel pads work for me and I always request them if anyone is stuck on a gift to get me! They work by taking off dead skin and helping renew your skin with a very gentle daily peel. Dr. Dennis doesn’t believe in very bad chemical peels that you get at some medusas. Find out how great these things are for yourself. You’ll never want another “peel” again.


8. Read & Play Soothing Music

If you’re like me, that first tip about downtime is probably like dooms day to you. I love my netflix, late night instagram scrolling (if you’re not following me already I’m @thepetitebijou ) and catching up on the world through the lovely internets.

But there are alternatives: such as reading and listening to soothing music. If you’re looking for some good book recommendations, my friend Kasey has come up with a book reading challenge that I think you should totally check out and join in!

For soothing music: Try Pandora or popping in a classic record or CD. We’re always listening to the Mumford & Sons Pandora Station.

9. Last Call

Last call for alcohol should be way earlier than before bed time. If you want to get to bed by 11 PM, cut the booze at 7PM.

Hey, you have Fridays, ok? You’ll be fine without that Margarita tonight.

10. De – Clutter

I think this step is good to do before you change into comfy clothing. Take a minute in each room (time yourself if necessary) to just declutter. Pick up trash, put away clothes, wipe down countertops, sweep. Just do one or two things in under 10 minutes for the whole space!

Decluttering will help ease anxiety from seeing clutter and will help you relax so that you’re not thinking about the next chore you have to do.

Do this everyday for a week and you’ll notice less clutter and more sleep….which means you’ll have a fantastic morning!

If you need help with how to rely tidy up and declutter, I suggest this book by Marie Kondo, who is an expert organizer and has a best selling book that every professional organizer loves. It was very helpful for decluttering my wardrobe and creating a capsule wardrobe and I know it will help you too.





What is one bedtime ritual you’ll do for a better morning? Share it below! 

Mornings are tough - believe me, we know! But there are 10 bedtime rituals you can do to help with sleeplessness and getting a better start to your day! Don't you want to wake up with rest and more energy? Me too. Click through to the post and save these 10 tips. Pin now and save for later | The Petite Bijou



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  1. Ruthie wrote:

    These are simple yet effective! Love it! Where can I get the tea?! xo

    Posted 1.29.16 Reply
  2. janna doan wrote:

    mariam–great tips, i love your formats on posts, easy to read and follow and straight to the point. when i read #1 i knew i was in trouble!! i’m so bad at that! xoxo,

    janna | http://www.jannadoan.com

    Posted 1.28.16 Reply
  3. Kavya wrote:

    Love all your tips, Mariam! I will definitely try them. I should mainly stop eating late nights. Haha! Also, never heard of Tarte cherry juice. Will surely give it a shot. Thank you for sharing. 🙂
    Have a great weekend, love!

    P. S. Loved your webinar last night. It was amazing. 🙂

    Posted 1.28.16 Reply
  4. Jess wrote:

    Wow such helpful tips. I will definitely have to try some! Thanks for sharing lively!

    Posted 1.27.16 Reply
  5. I do the decluttering and to do list every night! If I don’t those things just go round and round my mind. I’ve never heard of drinking tarte cherry juice before! I’m a big tea drinker at night, but I’ll have to try it. Hugs, Kait

    Posted 1.27.16 Reply
  6. I need to try these! I am SO a night owl and not an early bird. I have trouble falling asleep so I definitely will try some of these 🙂

    Posted 1.27.16 Reply
  7. Gail wrote:

    These are all such great tips. I’ve never heard of Cherry Tarte juice but I’ll look into it. Thank you so much for this.

    Posted 1.27.16 Reply