10 Elegant But Comfortable Sweater Dresses For Winter

One of the questions I get on my blog is how to look cute but be comfortable when winter rolls around. It’s something I struggled with for years. All I wanted to do every winter was pull on my joggers and my favorite jumper and slip into some ugg boots.

But as comfortable as that may still be, one must look elegant and stay warm for days out and in the workplace. One of my favorite ways to do this is by combining my two favorite things: sweaters and dresses.

You can definitely wear a sweater over a dress, but sweater dresses themselves are a wonderful way to look elegant without sacrificing warmth, especially paired with fleece lined leggings and tall riding boots.

My favorite types of sweater dresses are the ones which you can accessorize to make more elegant: vintage purses, long necklaces, and little dainty details. I recently purchased this corset sweater dress from Express which adds a beautiful vintage vibe to my outfit. I love how Celtic it is as well!

Outfit: Sweater Dress // Purse is vintage // Tights // Boots


10 Sweater Dresses For Winter

Sweater dresses will be in my shopping cart because the number of office parties and holiday receptions up for attending. Getting too cold is a major wellness issue I have during the winter months, as it makes me feel quite ill. So anything I can do to keep warm helps! And sweater dresses do just that.

Here are my 10 favorite sweater dresses to get for this winter and to layer with fleece lined leggings so you’re not only comfortable, but also not visibly wearing anything deemed “too casual” for the office. You cannot NOT look elegant in a sweater dress – it’s all about accessorizing!

To browse these dresses, just hit the arrow on the carousel.


Do you like to wear sweater dresses? How do you style them? What is your go-to winter outfit? Leave a comment below!



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