10 Piece Parisian Inspired Closet

Every woman should experience the classical style of Parisians at least once in their life. And you don’t have to go to Paris to do it.

In continuation of The Petite Bijou Bastille Day celebrations, I am sharing a 10 piece Parisian closet collage for you to get inspired by! Every item here is very classic and versatile – you can wear it all year long!

And you can create multiple outfits with these picks – and that’s only 10 pieces! Imagine what 20 would do. When you are strategic about your capsule wardrobe, you are maximizing each piece in your closet and avoiding jumping onto trends that will fade as fast as they come.

Enjoy this Parisian inspired wardrobe! To view details on the collage, simply click the black square on or next to the item you wish to view.



1. Seamless Ankle Skimmer Jeans // 2. Hinge Stripe Puff Sleeve Blouse // 3. Knit Boyfriend Blazer // 4. Empire Matte Satin Blouse // 5. Rose Tie Waist Skirt // 6. Takin’ a Chance Midi Dress // 7. BP. Maddy Mule (on sale for under $30) // 8. Longchamp ‘Large Le Pliage’ Tote // 9. Wide Brim Hat // 10. Tissue Weight Wool & Cashmere Scarf


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Like this Parisian inspired closet? Let me know in the comments below!


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