12 Days of Giveaways Announcement

Oh hey lovely friends, guess what time it is?


BUT not just any giveaway…a 12 Days of Bijou Giveaway! 12 days & 12 (more like 20) awesome prizes each day.

And it’s happening this week starting December 1st all the way through December 12th.

Yes, this giveaway is epic and there are over $1,000 worth of prizes.

I have spent months making this getaway perfect so that’s why I’m announcing it early – because I want you to get a chance to win. I’ve teamed up with amazing brands to make it very special and give away so many things that will make my readers jump for joy.

Keep reading to find out what’s included and how you can enter early.

I love giveaways because it’s a chance for me to thank you for reading and engaging. Thank you for coming back and following my journey. Thank you for telling your friends & family about The Petite Bijou : )

I’ve only been blogging for 2 years but it’s been so incredible meeting some of my readers and hearing how much they’ve loved reading & how much I’ve been able to help them – not only in elevating their lifestyle but also supporting them in their businesses and helping build blogs.


What You’ll Win

There are 12 sets of prizes but not necessarily just 12 prizes. There’s over 80 items being given away and one incredible incredible service as well! When I say this giveaway is epic, it’s EPIC.

The prizes range from lifestyle, style, and beauty. They’re a surprise but I’ll let you in on a secret: each day is filled with prizes where one (or 20) you can keep and the rest gift this holiday. I’ll be posting each giveaway as a blog post & IG post so you can always check them out!

I’m working with brands like: DryBar, Colonial Candles, Day Designer, & more!



You simply have to do the following:


FOLLOW me on Instagram and turn POST NOTIFICATIONS ON.

That step is incredibly important because if you miss the giveaway post, you won’t be able to enter each day.


Each giveaway is only 24 hours. You have to like & comment on the post – or else it won’t count. Oh, and watch out for my daily IG stories and lives where I’ll be showcasing you all the prizes.



SUBSCRIBE to my email list here.

VISIT & COMMENT on each giveaway blog post – if you’re signed up to the email, these will be emailed to you each day.


Just a note: this giveaway is not international and only open to US residents.


It’s as simple as that! I seriously can’t wait to get started. I’m so nervous for this to go off without a hitch and also I really hope that you guys have as much fun as I do with connecting and just being excited for each prize!

So subscribe, follow, and stay tuned for Friday, December 1st for the first prize! Let’s just say – with this prize you’ll be the best looking gal at the next holiday party!


What is on your holiday wish list this year? Let me know in the comments below as I might decide to do another giveaway later on 🙂

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The Petite Bijou is an online destination featuring wholesome yet sophisticated living and styling tips for women. The site is run by the family and friends of survivor, lifestyle influencer, and writer Mariam, who passed away in the summer of 2020.  Mariam also hosted The Bijou Show, a self help podcast.

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