18 Fashion Coffee Table Books To Own

The coffee table book…

The book you own for display purposes.

The book that acts as a “waiting room” style book you can flip through if bored. It sits on your table, looking pretty and beautiful – awe-ing guests who might by chance take a look and make an assumption you are interested or knowledgeable about the topic…

Jokes aside, the coffee table book serves more of an aesthetic purpose than an informative one. You can tell a lot about a person by the books they own.

Now, if someone came over to my flat, they’d safely assume I am an academic, with over 500 books on history, medicine, and marketing.

But I do have the occasional aesthetically pleasing coffee table book (yes, I’ve read it too), and they are fashion related because I think it looks beautiful and can be a glimpse into my life as a blogger.


Best Fashion Coffee Table Books To Own

Below are 18 coffee table books in fashion, style, and photographer that are worth owning. If you’d like to update your decor (and learn about the history of fashion). these are the perfect choices. I’ve not included any of the more popular and modern books because you’ll find them everywhere.

I’ve seen so many style bloggers posting about the same “decorative books” and there’s always a lack of substance and information. I’m more than sure these coffee table books are never read but I encourage you to purchase 1 – 2 books to keep on display that you actually would enjoy looking at and reading.

Pick the books that are most relevant to your own style.

My personal choices are the Fashion and Versailles book (which I own) and the Fashioning Fashion book because they are historically relevant to me.

Click the book you want to check details about! And I hope you find one that is not only beautiful but interesting to you.



What is your favorite book from this list? What are you interested in getting? Leave a comment below!

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