3 Morning Rituals That Will Leave You Stress Free All Day


Ever feel like you just wake up each morning feeling stressed out about the day ahead?


Or what about feeling rushed?


You know the feeling – you snooze for 10 extra minutes and you suddenly wake up in a panic. Next thing you know, you’re rushing out the door – breakfast in hand, makeup halfway done, and your outfit? Well, let’s just say you’re not walking the runway anytime soon.


I’ve been there and done that. We all have. And those picture perfect snaps you see on Instagram of people lounging about with a full breakfast and doing productive things? Totally staged and totally not what everyone’s morning looks like.


But I’m going to share 3 things that have helped me achieve a stress free and relaxing morning EVERYDAY. Because let’s face it, a stressful morning usually leads to a stressful day. Don’t let that happen. Check out my tips below.



Wake up an hour earlier

Wait what? But I don’t even have an hour to spare!

This is probably what you don’t want to hear but I wouldn’t mention it if it really didn’t work. Waking up an hour earlier is part of the magic formula that gives you more time – that thing that usually causes people the most stress.

With that extra time you can spend 20-30 minutes to actually enjoy your breakfast, check your email, and the rest can be spent dedicated to getting ready.  



Develop A “De-Stress” Ritual

A de-stress ritual involves doing one thing that instantly relaxes you. It can be anything – putting on music, using essential oils, journaling, etc.

My de-stress ritual is lighting a candle. One day a few months back I read a blog post from a mommy blogger. She lit a candle every morning as a way of reminding herself to be grateful every time she looked at it. This ritual inspired me to do the same – but instead of being grateful, I do deep breathing exercises.

Your de-stress ritual can be anything you want it to be! So get creative and do something that will remind yourself to relax.



Plan Your Day Strategically

When you plan – you win.

You win by taking back your time in the day. When you save time, you have more of it to spend doing the things you love.

If you’re a subscriber to my email list, you know I am obsessed with planning my day everyday. I usually spend 5 minutes the night before going through my to-do’s and setting daily goals for my life and business. Every morning I review and add on additional things to my calendar.

My favorite way to do this is using my Day Designer planner. Having a planner at home allows you to keep track of your daily tasks and achieve your goals in a strategic way. A nice perk about this specific planner is that it helps you focus on your top 3 goals of the day. The best part? Ticking off the box next to the task once you’re done.




The feeling of having your day together…it’s like eating chocolate. Happy happy happy!


These are the top 3 tips I use to have stress free days. There are so many more things you can add on – but if stressful days have taught me anything, it’s to stick to 3.

3 rituals

3 tasks

All lead to one stress-free day starting the minute you wake up.









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  1. Jo wrote:

    I loved this post! Seems so simple but it really makes a huge difference! Something I definitely need to do is wake up earlier so I’m not rushing out the door! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    Posted 10.27.17 Reply
  2. Anna wrote:

    Thank you for the three tips! Your ideas are wonderful and unique! The last couple of months I have been pressing the snooze button and I do feel a little stressed when I wake up late. I want to try all three of your tips, especially the tip about waking up an hour early 😌

    Posted 10.23.17 Reply