5 Common Misconceptions About Fashion Bloggers

Let’s face it: Fashion Bloggers are our dream team. Their clothes and looks are amazing. They get to travel the world. And how do they look so fabulous all the time? Well folks, there are things that you don’t know about fashion bloggers and we need to clear the air here about some common misconceptions. Here’s a behind the scenes, and I’m not talking about the one behind a fashion show.

5 Misconceptions About Fashion Bloggers | The Petite Bijou

Misconception #1: We Have Fashion Backgrounds

I graduated with a B.A in History, my focus? Not Fashion History but Medieval History of the British Isles with a minor in anthropology. I have no right to call myself a professional in fashion. But you know what? Neither do half of the fashion bloggers out there. You don’t have to have a fashion background to be a fashion blogger – you just need a unique sense of style.

And you don’t even NEED a unique sense of style – you can copy someone else’s. That’s all we do anyways -we copy and repeat, but we put a unique twist on it. Just like history.

So you see, I approach my fashion blogging in a unique way. I love history as an inspiration for my fashion choices. I look back at the glamour days of the 1920’s, 30’s, 40’s and 50’s for my fashion inspiration. It fits my classic contemporary style. Each time I post an outfit then you’ll know every piece was picked because it fit my style. I said “Hey, that works with my 1950’s vibe” and I put it on and relate it to a modern reader.

Each fashion blogger hopefully does that same = finding a unique voice.

5 Misconceptions about Fashion Bloggers | The Petite Bijou


Misconception #2: We Only Wear Haute Couture or High Fashion

Uh, yeah right… in this economy?

I may like Chanel but there’s no way in hell I can afford it. A lot of bloggers usually just pick something out of their closet. There are so many different designers and labels we can wear. It doesn’t have to be Chanel, it doesn’t have to be Old Navy. It can be whatever.

A lot of people say: “Hey! Wait! But they get PAID to wear all that fancy stuff”

Yes, they do, but thats like comparing the 10% to the 90%. The rest of us just wear whatever we already own. We don’t discriminate on other labels and neither do popular fashion bloggers. The reason you see them wearing all that stuff is because they can afford to (or are being paid to wear it).

5 Misconceptions about Fashion Bloggers | The Petite Bijou


Misconception #3: We Are Rich

Nope. Not all of us can afford to wear designer labels. Not all of us can afford to travel to Paris every five days (sorry popular blogger who shall remain nameless). Not all of us get paid. Actually most of us don’t get paid to do what we do. When fashion bloggers talk income, most of that is affiliate or advertisement.

For the fashion bloggers that don’t earn any income of their blog – well, we have 9-5 jobs. We’re just like everyone else. We work hard to provide for our families and for ourselves. We hold jobs in other sectors like business, healthcare, law, and retail. And we’re certainly not oozing of Chanel.

Most fashion bloggers work hard to buy their own clothes – after all the bills are paid.

5 Misconceptions about Fashion Bloggers | The Petite Bijou


Misconception #4: We Hire Professional Photographers

Some people DO hire a professional, but the rest of us relay on a trusted S.O, family member, or friend, to take our photos. Heck, some fashion bloggers haul their tripod everywhere with them and use a timer.

We get creative and take photos when we can. We appreciate when our friends, partners, and family members help us. It’s so nice knowing we have that support behind us.

One day I do want to get an in studio session – that would be awesome wouldn’t it?

5 Misconceptions about Fashion Bloggers | The Petite Bijou

Misconception #5: We Are Stylish ALL the Time

I’m writing this post in my PJ’s – my t-shirt is a souvenir from a museum and my pajama bottoms are from Target. It’s only 7pm and I’ve taken off my jewelry and makeup for the day. We are not stylish all the time.

Hint hint: most of us schedule posts. Those daily instagram pics you see? More likely than not = planned and shot ahead of time.  Why? Because we’re just too busy to take pictures every day! I’m the type of person that LIVES life first and then posts about it later, perhaps even days later. You can lose track of time when you’re out there living life instead of browsing instagram. Like I mentioned before, most of us work and go to school full time – so the time we do have off is spent to ourselves. Only then do we get to work on the blog.

Our photographers are not always available to shoot everyday. And you know what? We get tired – just like the rest of the world. Some days all we want to do is stay in our PJ’s or sweat pants. On school days we just wear jeans and whatever is clean.

No one has to be impeccably styled 24/7. Not even fashion bloggers.

What questions do you have about fashion blogging? What annoys you about fashion blogging? Do you feel like these misconceptions are the majority? Are there any that I missed here?

Leave a comment below with your question or thought Let’s talk! 





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  1. So true! As for point 1 I did do a cert IV in Fashion design and marketing, but I’ve also got my double degree with Honours in Psychology and Meteorology.

    If you have a moment I’d love to get your opinion on my travel/style blog at http://thisisyugen.blogspot.com

    Keep up the great work 🙂
    Elle Kirsten

    Posted 10.29.15 Reply
  2. Kait Elizabeth wrote:

    I love the honesty of this whole post. Fantastic job! <3 Kait

    Posted 10.26.15 Reply
  3. Rae wrote:

    What a fun post! On those occasions I “review” fashion, it’s usually something already in my closet (or something similar) or it’s something I want to add *really badly*

    Posted 10.22.15 Reply
  4. Lauren Scorzafava wrote:

    These are all so true!

    Lauren Elizabeth
    Petite in Pearls

    Posted 10.22.15 Reply
  5. Jen Dang @ Skirt The Rules wrote:

    Love this post! I used to start out taking my photos on a tripod (in the middle of NYC), but now my husband takes my photos. And yes, we’re not stylish ALL the time and I’m totally okay with that.

    xo Jen
    Skirt The Rules

    Posted 10.22.15 Reply
    • Wow! I could never handle doing my own photos! You are lucky to have someone help you out now! Thank you for stopping by!

      Posted 10.22.15 Reply
  6. Linda wrote:

    I love your post and very nice



    Posted 10.22.15 Reply
  7. May Cho wrote:

    While I get icky about calling myself a fashion blogger (I prefer the term style blogger), I can relate to the last two misconceptions. What a great! Also, my background? Computer Science. Ain’t nobody be seeing me code out my outfits, do they?

    May | THE MAYDEN

    Posted 10.22.15 Reply
  8. Rochelle wrote:

    Great post!..All of it is true!.. 🙂

    Good vibes, Fox

    check out my latest Vlog


    Posted 10.21.15 Reply
  9. Emily wrote:

    The most honest post I’ve seen in a long time!! Love it! Thank you for sharing all of these misconceptions, I agree with every word 🙂

    xoxo Emily

    Posted 10.21.15 Reply
  10. Bri DePauw wrote:

    I love this!! I was an ancient history major, sociology minor! Not fashion at all!! ?

    Posted 10.21.15 Reply
  11. Jessica wrote:

    I love that you put it out there and say it like it is. What we make of what we do is mostly for joy and helping others…however they form may be! Well done!! ~Jessica thisseasonsgold.com

    Posted 10.21.15 Reply
  12. I love this!! This is so true! I’m a fashion blogger and all of these are so true! Best post ever!!


    Posted 10.21.15 Reply
  13. Melanie Grady wrote:

    I have learned a lot about fashion bloggers through this post! thank you!

    Posted 10.21.15 Reply
  14. Maren Miller wrote:

    Love this — truth and comedy together. Brilliant!

    Posted 10.21.15 Reply
  15. Ariel Theresa wrote:

    love this so much!!!

    Posted 10.21.15 Reply
  16. Lisa Favre wrote:

    Check, check, and check! Loving all of these points.

    Stay fab,
    Lisa Favre

    Posted 10.21.15 Reply