5 Things To Let Go Of This Spring

Spring is a time of renewal and growth – which is exactly why we should all let go of a few things here and there.

And I’m not talking about cleaning out your closet or home (although it’s probably a good idea to do a spring clean).

I’m talking about cleaning out your life, or as I like to call it: #springoutofmylife

So today, I’m sharing 5 things that EVERYONE needs to get rid of this spring. And not because it’s all about getting rid of the old for the “new”. It’s about giving yourself the space and positivity to grow, like a spring flower.

Spring is a time for change. And it's the perfect time to simplify your life and let go of a lot of things - including negativity and anxiety. Click through to the post and check out the five things you absolutely need to get rid of this spring so that you can set yourself up for success! Pin now and raad!


1. Overthinking

Overthinking is the biggest misuse of your time. People say you shouldn’t lead with your heart, but your head. But I don’t think it’s relevant in some situations. Sometimes your head is a weird place to stay in for too long.

When we overthink, we make situations much worse than they really are. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve overthought a situation only to come out the other end perfectly unscratched – except for the days of stress we put ourselves through. Not worth it.


2. Trying to please everyone

When I first started being a freelance social media manager, I would let my clients make ridiculous amount of changes free of charge. Why? Because I felt like if I didn’t please them, I wasn’t doing my job right. When in fact, I was letting them take advantage of my time and skills – something no one should do if there’s contracts in place.

Trying to please EVERYONE is the best way to wear yourself out to the point of self doubt and anxiety. Instead, we should just be ourselves. The right people won’t mind.


3. Putting yourself down

This spring, we should get rid of the habit of putting ourselves down over and over again.

“I’ll never be good enough”

“I’ll never be pretty enough”

That type of negativity is a misuse of your time and energy. Why not take the time you spend putting yourself down and learn a new skill or do something you enjoy! Don’t spend your precious time with negative thoughts. At the end of the day, they DO NOT help you.


4. Dwelling in the past

It’s a good idea to reflect on your past, but only if you intend to learn from it, not dwell in it.

How does dwelling in the past benefit your right now? How does it benefit you in the future?

Short answer = it doesn’t, it just hold your back.

The best thing you can do this spring is stop dwelling in the past and start your day on a more positive note. Our past is there to remind us what not to do. Learn and move on.


5. Being afraid of change

Spring is all about change. New experiences and new opportunities to grow. But it’s perfectly normal for all of us to be afraid of change – at any season of our lives.

Just recently, I was afraid of letting go of a few things in my business – like raising my prices. I was afraid that the change would negatively impact my future in some way. It’s not easy making the decision. What would my clients think? Would I be missing out on taking in more clients because of the price point?

But at the end of the day, it’s something I decided to embrace. Will this change profoundly impact my future in some way? Maybe. But maybe not.

If I never took a chance, how would I know?

Likewise, if you let go of the fear of change, you might find bigger and better things ahead. Even deciding to take that risk means you’re actually ready – whether you realize it or not.


So what are you going to get rid of this spring? Which one of these five things will go out the door? What will you bring into your life instead? Leave a comment below and let me know! 




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