5 Things You Didn’t Know About The Petite Bijou Blog

It’s always a delight sharing the story behind the blog and the brand, The Petite Bijou. Brand stories are important. They connect customers, readers, and social media followers. They provide a human touch to the brand, something you may only know from the logo, it’s colors, or it’s products.

As a fun ad new way to tell the brand story behind The Petite Bijou, today I’m sharing 5 things you may not know about this site and this brand. I hope this can connect us further.

So whether you are a brand new reader or have visited this site before, here’s a few fun facts behind The Petite Bijou!

1. It all started with a math class

You may be thinking “what? What does math have to do with any of this?”

Well, when I was taking a gap year after graduating college, i contemplated going back to school. And it happened the same summer I started The Petite Bijou. I was in a post baccalaureate program studying preclinical psychology. I actually wanted to become a Psychiatrist or Rehabilitation doctor but needed the prerequisites to enter medical school which I didn’t get in college (because I pursued history).

The Petite Bijou started in my statistics summer class.

I actually did really well in this class and found myself completing assignments faster, which meant that I was usually bored halfway through. so, I started to write.

I had been a journalist for years till that point. It was my “side hustle”. So one day, the blog posts came to life in math class. I wanted to write posts just like my favorite blogs did. At the time, they were This Is Glamorous. The Every Girl. and Lauren Conrad

2. The origin of the name is French

I asked someone “what are my qualities?” when I cam up with my brand name.

“You’re a jewel” they said. And I smiled. “I’m a little jewel” I thought.

Petite = little

Bijou = jewel

The Petite Bijou was born. Sure, I’m petite. But that’s not the mission or aim for the blog. The Petite Bijou is all about providing little jewels of inspiration in life.

So little snippets of daily elegance, style, beauty, wellness, and more. I have always wanted to inspire people! This was it.

French Fashion Faux Pas

3. I had my logo designer in mind way before I began blogging

I had seen my designers portfolio on Pinterest a while ago, She had just the kind of vibe I loved = romantic but dark.

Desnoir was an obvious choice when it came time to creating our signature logo! We had a great time creating it and she knew exactly what I was looking for. In case you were wondering, the brief for the logo was “old world Parisian” with art deco and gothic elements.

Sure, I could have just gone with a generic logo, but I’m not generic and neither is this brand. We embrace both the femininity of our brand and also the dark/alluring undertones that I’m personally more in tune to.

The Petite Bijou looking at art

4. Inspiration comes from the past and European culture

It’s no secret that the inspiration for the blog comes from the past. As a history lover, it was clear from the very beginning that I wanted to incorporate history into the branding and content for the site. I love to especially incorporate history into the style posts on here.

But The Petite Bijou brand is also influenced by the continent. I embraced my European roots when designing this blog. I love the way of life in France. I love the culture in the UK. These things make me happy and they show up in my brand countless times.

Look at my Petite Bijou Brand Mood Board on Pinterest to find out just how much inspiration I gather from both the past and the present!

5. While I am the founder behind the brand, I am not just my brand

So many bloggers are their brand and that’s just never been me. I love having different writers publish articles here. We don’t often feature personal stories of mine because this brand isn’t about me.

It’s about you

My readers are the brand. Take a look at my brand essay here. Maybe you relate to some of these concepts. Most readers do. Because we are all “bijou”. We are all unique jewels in this journey called life. Almost all readers have many things in common:

  • A love of the past
  • Classical/minimalist style
  • Have a style icon
  • Have strong moral and social values
  • Enjoy self care and pampering
  • Love to learn about cultures
  • Have a mysterious/dark/humorous side
  • And are looking for people just like them. They want someone to have intelligent conversations with and lift them up in spirit and mindset.

I may represent my brand to some extent, but I want it to go further than just “what I wore” kind of blogs. The Petite Bijou is here to offer inspiration and education.

I did say 5 things, didn’t I? Well I’ll let you in on what #6 is and maybe you can help me…I’m planning the first Petite Bijou product. Wondering if it should be something style, beauty, or lifestyle related. If you had to guess, what would you think it would be? Leave a comment below!

Ok, so I hope that provided some insight into my brand. I hope it connected with you. If it did, please subscribe to the blog and the newsletter by filling out the form below.

Behind The Blog

The Petite Bijou is an online destination featuring wholesome yet sophisticated living and styling tips for women. The site is run by the family and friends of survivor, lifestyle influencer, and writer Mariam, who passed away in the summer of 2020.  Mariam also hosted The Bijou Show, a self help podcast.

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