5 Ways To Beat The Winter Blues

Winter is in full swing – holiday spirit is high and the new year is only a couple of days away (yikes!). But for some, winter isn’t the dreamy white and festive wonderland it is for everyone else. In fact, winter has never been that way for me.

We’ve never celebrated the holidays (cultural clashes) and that sense of family and unity was never present as a child and adolescent. More than anything, I just wished for school to come back – alright, I was a bit of a nerd.


5 Ways to Beat The Winter Blues | The Petite Bijou


Seasonal depression is a very real and very common issue. Coping with the change in the weather among other things like: work, school, financial issues, and family issues, can cause a serious anxious state. We don’t mean to hate the weather – but our bodies literally just get anxious, sick, and it’s not a great feeling.


But there’s hope – as with any emotional reaction, you need to know how to express your feelings, get help, and spend your time wisely.


Here are five ways to beat the winter blues, or at least try to beat them. And these are not just aimed for those with depression or anxiety. If you’re feeling a little down from the weather and grey skies, these tips can be put to use as well.


Get Moving

Get up and get moving! If the weather isn’t too bad – go ahead and take a walk with a friend, loved one, or by yourself. My favorite thing to do is grab a hot chocolate and my DSLR and take a photography walk, even in the snow!  If you have some space at home, do some yoga or find a way to get your heart rate up. Exercise is one of the best ways to get happier – and healthier!

I’m combining warmth for my favorite drink and a hobby to make my physical exercise have a double benefit: I get walking and I take photos.


Get Inspired & Keep At It

Have you always wanted to try a new hobby? Make some time in your schedule to learn a new craft or continue with one you’ve been doing (or not doing). I find that focusing on doing other things helps me forget about my anxiety and depression. That little time where you’re not thinking about anything is when those feeling come creeping back into your mind.

Find something else to do – whether it’s working or crafting. And keep doing it. Don’t let yourself get uninspired. Creating a relaxing and inspiration environment where you can zone in and focus on that task or hobby.


Get Social

Ok, so maybe you don’t feel like going anywhere or talking to someone. But being alone is one of the worst things you can do when battling winter blues. Reach out to a friend or family member just to catch up. Maybe you can talk through your winter blues? Perhaps there are a few other things on your mind.

Host a dinner party, go out for lunch, write a letter – get social and stay social. I find that being with someone or just talking to someone online really helps with spending your time doing something productive and not thinking about the weather. Are you a netflix junkie? Perfect time to host a netflix marathon!


Set Goals

I’m a planner. I love getting out my little notebook and just writing down my plans for the future. 1 year, 5 months, 10 years?!?! Ok, so maybe I don’t go THAT far ahead…but I definitely like clarity on what I want in life.

So why not take this time to set goals before the new year? You don’t have to wait for the new year to start making new years resolutions. This also helps with any uncertainty you’re feeling because of any reflections on the past year. Do you want change? Plan for it.

Right now my goals are:

  • Get my new website Laurels & Dash up and running
  • Launch my course
  • Get accepted to Graduate School
  • Buy more vintage styled clothing/clothing that fits my personality
  • & take a trip abroad in the next year



Take this time to pamper yourself. If you’re depressed, anxious, or a little bit under the weather – I believe in 100% total pampering.

Draw a bubble bath, read, do your nails, get a massage. Maybe you’d like to incorporate a hobby while pampering? What about cooking yourself a new meal and then sitting down to a candle lit tv dinner? That sounds divine to me!

You don’t need to spend $$$ to get yourself pampered. The possibilities are endless.



So what are you doing to beat the winter blues? Leave a comment below with your own tips or tricks! 

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  1. Emily wrote:

    Such great tips! I definitely start to feel the winter blues, especially during this hectic time of year!

    Posted 12.16.15 Reply
    • Mariam wrote:

      Thank you so much, Emily!

      Which tip do you think helps the most?


      Posted 12.16.15 Reply
  2. Erin wrote:

    Such great advise!! Thank you for sharing=)

    Posted 12.16.15 Reply
    • Mariam wrote:


      Thank you so much for your feedback and for stopping by!


      Posted 12.16.15 Reply
  3. Marissa wrote:

    great tips! Thanks for sharing!

    Posted 12.16.15 Reply
    • Mariam wrote:

      Thank you so much, Marissa!


      Posted 12.16.15 Reply
  4. Loved this post! Such great insight into keeping moving, thank you!

    Posted 12.16.15 Reply
    • Mariam wrote:

      Thank you so much, Jacqueiline!

      Hope you are well!


      Posted 12.16.15 Reply
  5. Awesome!!! I love these types of tips. Can’t let others go mopping around!

    Posted 12.16.15 Reply
    • Mariam wrote:

      Thank you so much, Sally!

      Which tip do you think works the best?


      Posted 12.16.15 Reply
  6. Lindsey wrote:

    Really loved this post, Mariam! I was the same way growing up and I’m still not a fan of the winter/holidays. I actually started my blog last January as a way to have something to work on and keep me occupied when I was feeling down from the weather and shorter days! I love the idea of setting goals and I’m going to have to buy myself a little journal to start doing that 🙂

    Posted 12.15.15 Reply
    • Mariam wrote:

      Hello Lindsey,

      It’s great to keep busy during the times you feel the winter blues, or any of the blues for that matter. That’s why I love keeping busy! I am happy to hear you started a wonderful blog! I think having a little journal to keep your goals in is perfect! You go girl!


      Posted 12.16.15 Reply
  7. janna doan wrote:

    mariam, loved reading this and your GOALS! get it girl! xoxo
    janna | http://www.jannadoan.com

    Posted 12.14.15 Reply