A Feel Good Fall Bucket List

A feel good fall bucket list? That’s what I was always after! As some of you may know, I suffer from seasonal depression, so I don’t get very excited about the approaching colder and darker days. But one thing that does excite me is the brisk air of fall and how I can be my inner introvert and cuddle up with all the cozy things as I pop on a Halloween movie and pig out on all things pumpkin flavored.

It really is a time for me to “let loose” the inner introvert. It’s funny because I usually don’t really share what excites me about fall. I always feel like I have mixed feelings about the season.

But this year I am determined to really have a quintessential fall experience. I want all the plaid, all the coffee, and all the leaves! I know you’re probably excited for fall too, so let’s get right to it with my Bijou Feel Good Fall Bucket List!

Get ready for fall with this amazing and feel good fall bucket list! Check out this list of over 10 things you should try this fall. Lots of cozy included!

1. Embrace Hygge

Hygge is a Danish word that acknowledges a feeling as cozy, charming, or special. It’s being present and feeling content where you are. Well, Hygge is a fast growing movement that is perfect for fall. It incorporates surrounding yourself with cozy things and making sure you do meaningful actives such as reading, medication, spending time together, drinking warm drinks in cute mugs, and being in the moment. One was touring Hygge into your lifestyle is with your decor. So stock up on blankets, pillows, and cozy decorative touches like candles.

Candles are a BIG deal in the Hygge movement. Have candles everywhere. Also make sure you’re doing activities that require you to slow down and just be present. A great way to start Hygge is to have a daily cup of tea in the morning without any electronics on. Just sit there and have tea and look out the window.


2. Go Apple Picking & Bake with Apples

Apple picking is a quintessential fall activity that many people do in late September when apples are ripe and ready to eat! They also make a great staple in many savory and sweet bakes. The act of going to pick your own food and then creating something is very raw and will be a wonderful memory to make with your family and friends. Put down the phones (but do take cute apple orchard pictures) and bake these wonderful delights:


3. Develop A Morning Routine

Part of enjoying autumn is enjoying those still and quiet mornings as the chill goes through the air and the leaves rustle. Sunshine peaks through your window and you can smell the crisp morning air outside. You hold a cup of warm pumpkin flavored coffee as you snuggle up in your favorite plush robe and slippers.

Is this heaven? Almost. It’s the perfect morning routine and you can create your own. Start the day doing something you love, whether that’s just reading with coffee in hand, or journaling. It’s important that before you start your day, make an effort to do something relaxing for a few minutes. I know I know, we’re all busy bee’s. But you can wake up earlier and really start the day off on the right foot.


Get ready for fall with this amazing and feel good fall bucket list! Check out this list of over 10 things you should try this fall. Lots of cozy included!

4. Take A Brisk Walk

If you have time, try to take a brisk walk in the fall air – either in the morning or in the evening. It’s great for your constitution and we should be walking! Too many people spend too much time sitting all day. It’s not great for your back. Try to take a 30 minute walk each day after sitting for long periods of time at the office. Your body will thank you.


5. Try A New Hair Style

Autumn is the perfect time to try something new. Why not give yourself a new do! Personally, I’m going for red this fall. Well not fiery red, but a nice dark auburn. What will you try? If you need inspiration, check out the Petite Bijou Hair Pinterest Board and feel free to pin your favorite styles, colors, and cuts.


6. Have A Harvest Picnic

Think picnics are just for summer and 4th of July? WRONG! Fall is a great time for a picnic, especially mid September and early October. Bring together all your friends and family and get cozy on a plaid picnic blanket. Bring some tea in a thermos and a basket full of harvest goodies. Check out some great harvest recipes to bring along. My favorite harvest recipe book is this one.



7. Make A Craft

Autumn always reminds me of making and creating – probably because we used to bring home a lot of halloween and thanksgiving related crafts from school. I still retain that love of crafting and often find myself looking up DIY crafts and projects on Pinterest. Why not try your own hand at making something unique? Then enjoy all that work and put whatever you made on display in your home.

Why not try your hand at making a fall scented room spray with all natural ingredients like essential oils? Mmmm.. I can smell the fall cinnamon and nutmeg already.


Get ready for fall with this amazing and feel good fall bucket list! Check out this list of over 10 things you should try this fall. Lots of cozy included!

8. Read A Fiction Book

Nothing takes our minds off things like work, school, and life than a fiction book. I like to pick up fiction in the fall because it reminds me of Harry Potter, which was so magical to read as a teenager – I could never put it down. especially in the fall! The days got longer, colder, and darker, and sitting down with my books and a warm cup of tea made the days just that much cozier.

If you’re not into picking up a physical book, I suggest downloading the Audible application on your computer and phone and having someone else read the book to you. I often listen to Audible books while doing chores like cleaning, washing dishes, and doing laundry. It’s also a great way to get in 15-20 minutes of information during your commute. I do plan on rereading Harry Potter because, why not?

(I am currently reading a non fiction book called Dress Like A Parisian and I am obsessed)


9. Take The Pumpkin Patch To A New Level

Instead of just going to the pumpkin patch and picking pumpkins, why not have a pumpkin and harvest themed day for the weekend? First start off by making a list of meals you can make with pumpkin (definitely go pumpkin picking for more than just decor!) Then light up your favorite pumpkin scented candle and go ahead and make your own pumpkin spice latte before going in the mid afternoon to pick a pumpkin up. Take some cute photos with friends and family, and then go home to bake! Why not get Halloween started early? Pop on a scary film as you munch away on your new pumpkin flavored main course or dessert.


10. Promise Yourself Weekly Spa and “Me” Time

When the 9-5 drains you and you come home only to do more chores and tasks, that “me” time completely disappears, especially if you have a family or live with roommates. But it’s important to create some alone time during your week to destress and re-energize. I was listening to the Broken Brain Podcast with Dr. Mark Hyman who interviewed a so called “Urban Monk”. This guy was a guru in all things relaxation and meditation. He said the leading cause of stress was just too much time wasted on other things that really made us feel bad.

Sometimes, it’s not in our hands, right? So what can we do about it?

Get ready for fall with this amazing and feel good fall bucket list! Check out this list of over 10 things you should try this fall. Lots of cozy included!

This guru suggested spending at least 30 to 60 minutes each day doing something you love or something alone. Personally, I value my nightly turn down routine which is a hot shower or bath with candles, doing my skincare routine, putting on the coziest/fluffiest robe ever, and picking up a book I am reading.

No phones, no tv, no anything electronic in my hands. Just me, my robe, and my book.

You can do the same “me” time or have something else that really allows you to slow down and just be present. Whatever you choose, just make sure it makes you happy. Do this everyday or at least every week for optimal stress free results.


11. Create A Fall Capsule Wardrobe

This fall, why not take your style to the next level? One where you can forget “fast trends” and hold on to classics while still completely updating your wardrobe. I love the concept of a capsule wardrobe which I prefer to do seasonally. Let’s face it, I’m clothing obsessessed and I love having a variety of things to choose to wear.

BUT you can create a seasonal capsule wardrobe which can consist of 7-10 staples you can wear over and over again. Here are my quick 5 recommendations (because I do plan on publishing a full list in a few days):

Black Blazer – to pair with dark wash denim and your favorite leopard print flats

Dark Wash Skinny Jeans – to pair with tall riding boots and a fair isle sweater

Sweater Dress – to lounge about in and read your favorite book

Red Beret (this one is only $10) – to look chic and classic while also making a statement

Grey Sweater – to layer with a polka dot shirt or to layer under a Moto jacket

More to come on this, but it’s a great start for a very classic wardrobe.


What will you be ticking off your fall bucket list? Was there anything else I should have added in here? I would appreciate if you told me in the comments section. Thank you so much!

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