A Feel Good Winter Bucket List

The winter solstice is here and although some people have already started their winter festivities, now we can officially begin all the winter fun!

I love creating a bucket list for every season of the year – so I can create experiences for myself and make beautiful memories with the ones I cherish the most. Bucket lists are not “must haves” but more so a reminder to do things with appreciation, love, and fun.

This feel good winter bucket list is made with families and friends in mind. Everything you see here can be done with somebody else and that is the beauty of enjoy the winter season!

Happy Winter

1. Take A Brisk Yet Cozy Stroll

Grab your favorite mittens, a cup of hot chocolate, and walk around your neighborhood and look at everyone’s holiday decorations. Explore a new neighborhood perhaps! Enjoy the fresh winter air and soak it all in as you stroll side by side with your favorite person (or furry friend)


2. Go To The Christmas Market

If you have a Christmas or Winter market in your area, take an afternoon or night to go explore! It’s a wonderfully festive thing to do and everyone in the family can join in. Get a bite to eat or something warm to drink while you’re there and support local vendors by taking home something special to commemorate your trip. I do this every year with the German Christmas Market in my home town.


3. Entertain At Home

Why not host a small gathering for friends at home? It’s lovely to play hostess and get to catch up with people who may not have had the time to catch up throughout the year. You don’t necessarily have to make a full course dinner. Appetizers, dessert, and drinks will do just fine. It’s the thought and presentation that counts. You can even ask guests to bring something with them so that the burden of cooking is lessened. Why not put on a display of gorgeous winter lights with this elegant candelabra?


4. Go Ice Skating or Sledding

The quintessential winter actives are the best. Ice skating and sledding are not only fun, but also quite the skill making challenge. Keeping balance and climbing hills is a great way to get some exercise in while still having fun (which is the best exercise of all). Most ice skating rinks will let you rent skates. However there are no formal “sledding rentals” so you may want to buy your own sled. I found this sled set which can do the trick!


5. Make A French Winter Dessert

I am going to try to make a Bouche de Noel for you later this week! Fingers crossed it goes well. But why not try making a dessert that is from a different country? It’s a fun and educational process. I am choosing the Bouche de Noel because it’s a classic recipe for Christmas. If you’d like to see more French recipes I have tried, click right here.


6. Pick Up A Fiction Book

When was the last time you read a fiction novel? If it’s been a few months, why not pick up a good read for over winter break? There’s nothing quite like reading a book in your cozy pajamas with your favorite candle burning (love this one burned at the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton). I often wish I had a fireplace and rocking chair so I can let my inner bookworm shine. I would never leave that cozy spot and keep on reading.


7. Clean Out Your Closet

Winter is the best time to clean out all your closets. Not only by physically getting rid of unwanted clothes and items, but also physically cleaning the closet. Take a damp wash cloth and wipe down your shelves, walls, and baseboards. Then sweep and mop the floors (or vacuum). Essentially think hard about what you’d like to keep and what could be donated. Click here for my one day organization tutorial.


8. Donate Your Unwanted Items

There are so many people who are homeless or cannot afford the things you can. During your closet clean up, please keep these people in mind. They could use all the help you can give. Take your unwanted items down to the nearest shelter and donate them. And if you can, please organize these items before hand to ease the process for shelter workers.


9. Start Scrapbooking

This is something I have failed to do miserably. I barely have any photographs of myself or events for years now and I regret not taking photos to make memories. One thing I’ll be doing this winter is printing off the photos from my phone. What I think would help is getting a scrapbook at Michaels and getting the HP Sprocket to print photos and put them into the scrapbook. You can organize scrapbooks for your family by years or by events. Get a beautiful black scrapbook so you can keep it on your coffee table. It will look very elegant.


10. Take A Class

Whether it’s online or a one day class, get inspired by learning a new skill this winter. My favorite way to do this is doing a skill share online or taking cooking classes (my secret hobby) at a local place. Or even take a language class! If you are a blogger looking to add another skill, why not take my class? I recently released my first course on how to write a winning brand proposal to brands who you want to collaborate with. This strategy earned me $300 within 24 ours. The course is just $19 and includes 2 training videos, a behind the scenes look at my winning proposals, and a proposal template just for you! Check it out here.


11. Plan Your New Year Goals

The wonderful thing about the winter season is the chance to start new in the spring. Why not start planning out your New Years Resolutions mid December? This will give you time to really think about what goals you want to accomplish. This will also give you time to write down the details of how you can get to that goal. My favorite way to do this is using a planner. You can pick one up at any office supply store and use it to start thinking about what needs to happen in order for your goals to come to life. If you’d like to use the planner I use, check it out here.


12. Make A Winter Spa Day

Light some candles, slip on a warm robe, and put on a facial mask while you listen to your favorite podcast or audio book. Create a spa day for you and your favorite spa partner or create a DIY spa night at home. Make sure that the ambience you create is nurturing, calm, relaxed. Candles and soft lighting are the best way to do that. Get a nice Eucalyptus candle to bring the scent of the spa everywhere you are.


13. Volunteer

Whether it’s at your local food drive, shelter, school, or animal rescue, the winter is a great time to give back to the world. Take a day or afternoon with your family to volunteer at whatever mission really speaks to you. If you can, try to volunteer on a weekly basis – even if for just an hour each weekend. It really means a lot and will be so helpful to organizations with limited resources.


14. Hike

The winter is a beautiful time to hike. I often wish I took a hiking/cabin trip in the winter somewhere on the East Coast to watch and see all the beautiful things nature has to offer. Of course, one must be careful with winter hikes due to cold climates and dangerous terrains. Always carefully consider hikes and make are you are well prepared in case of emergencies.


15. Have Gratitude

The Winter Solstice reminds us that summer is not too far away. And even though the days are dark and short, we must remember that light and warmth are on the way. It is now time to appreciate what we have – a home, family, friends, our health, our food, and so many other things that we should be grateful for. It us time to give thanks and have hope that things will be better. For now, celebrate what you do have!





What will you cross off your winter bucket list? Let me know in the comments below.


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