A Natural Deodorant That Actually Works

I think this topic has endless conversations. Endless.

Natural deodorants. Hundreds of articles, right? Thousands of podcasts, tons of reviews, etc etc. It’s never ending and overwhelming when you type in “natural deodorant” into Google. Half of the articles are sponsored, others go into maximum detail (take it to audio format, please).

Here’s the deal: I’ve tried many. I was one of the overwhelmed on Google. And honestly, finding a great natural deodorant has been a HECTIC journey.

I got tired of reading articles, looking at reviews, listening to Youtubers compare 5 different deodorants. I just wanted someone to tell me flat out which one they loved the best, that’s it.

So I’m going to let you know that today and what I struggled with before making my FINAL decision on which deodorant I would use…probably forever. And no, this is not sponsored. 100% my own opinions here.

Best natural deodorant

Why I Needed A Natural Deodorant

After surviving a life threatening illness and also being diagnosed with a rare disease, I started taking self care more seriously. That included not only what I out in my body, but what I put on it as well. I transitioned to clean skin care (see my recommendations here) and started looking into transitioning to clean and natural deodorant.

The last thing I need (and I mean the LAST thing) is a diagnosis of something else because I used deodorant with nasty chemicals like aluminum in them. A simple Google search will answer all your questions about this.

And also, I wanted to smell good.

Ever since middle school, I’ve had issues with sweat and under arm sweat. It was so embarrassing. No deodorant I tried from the drugstore worked. This became not so bad once I changed my diet (eating clean means less stinky sweat), but it still bothered me that brands like Secret made me sweat and smell like crazy.

So Here’s The Best Natural Deodorant

Hands down, arm’s up (because with this one you can), Kopari makes the best natural deodorant. Feels amazing, aluminum-free, toxin-free, and smells like a tropical paradise. The Kopari Deodorant has been the best deodorant I’ve tried, and I’ve tried many.

At under $15. this deodorant was not a purchase I regretted. Some natural deodorants are so highly priced, just to try them out puts a dent in your wallet. Can’t really return used deodorant, so I really appreciate the price point. It’s accessible to a lot of people.

Best natural deodorant

What else can I say about this? Well, not much. After my detox period (read below), I went straight to this deodorant and I’ve not looked back since. It stood my all day sweat test – I smelled like a tropical heaven even after my physical therapy, 6 mile walk, and a day out in the sun.

With other deodorants, I would start smelling probably around the half way through the day point. Not with Kopari.

Don’t forget to check out their other products below. After seeing great reviews, i’m ordering their Coconut Melt next.



The Dreaded Pit Detox

So I read somewhere (probably on Pinterest) that in order for natural deodorants to be effective, you need to detox your armpits. Your skin and sweat glands store information, like a sponge, and store ingredients. So if you’ve used deodorants with nasty ingredients, those things are still inside you.

The detox period sounds nice, but isn’t. Basically, you don’t wear deodorant for a few weeks until your pits start to “not smell”. Easier said than done, because all you want to do is slather on scent during this time. If you live alone, great. If not, well…candles help.

Frequent showers, lots of water intake, eat clean, and the detox will be a breeze.


So what do you think about trying Kopari Coconut Deodorant? Have you tried it before? What problems are you having with deodorant. Let me know below in the comments. I love chatting with you there.


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  1. miki wrote:

    I actually had only bad experiences with natural deodorants, the last one I used smelled so badly that it seemed like I hadn’t been washing my self for weeks hahahah
    Miki x


    Posted 8.6.20 Reply