Beach Day Essentials

La mer
qu’on voit danser le long des golfes clairs
a des reflets d’argent,
la mer,
des reflets changeants
sous la pluie
A day by la mer (the sea) requires a few essentials. Sure you have the bathing suit & towel, but what about the other little things you may need on your day at the beach? I was lucky to spend a few days at the beach on my trip to Miami and I am so glad I brought my beach tote with me. Today I’ll be sharing what I kept in it and how handy those few essentials became!


Ever since starting laser therapy for my scarring due to Toxic Epidermal Nercolysis Syndrome, its been very important to my health to utilize sunscreen during peak UV times. I like to call it a necessary evil simply because I hate the feeling of sunscreen on me. Anyone else?

I like to use a spray on sunscreen (readily avaliable at any drugstore) with an SPF over 50. Spray on before going out and make sure you protect yourself with an umbrella or a hat at the minimum. Tanning is no longer a very safe thing to do with the increase of skin cancer diagnoses every year.



A bottle of water will help you keep hydrated throughout the day – and it’s easy to become dehydrated while relaxing in the sun. I like to carry my trust Swell water bottle so that it doesn’t leak in my pure.




My skin and lips dry out fast so I like to keep chapstick in my beach tote. Burt’s Bees has the best chapstick hands down. I always love the peppermint one because it feels super soothing on a hot day. Another great option is their tinted lip balm which eliminates the need for a lipgloss or lipstick that could melt. I love all of their colors too!


A Good Read

With the right conditions (a shady umbrella & not too hot), I enjoy reading at the beach. It’s a nice way to unplug from phone use and social media scrolling. Pack a small paperback with you or opt in for a kindle, which works really well because it can change as the light around you changes – making it easier to read.

I like to use my kindle because I can zoom and use large print (& therefore not straining my eyes). On my South Beach sitting days, I went back to one of my favorite subjects: religious history, and read the complete works of Martin Luther.


This kindle is great – so easy to carry around and it was a purchase that has lasted me three years already. Make sure you charge it once a week (or more) if you’re using it regularly – battery life can go fast!


Waterproof Case

If you are going to be using your phone (& especially near the water), you’ll want to invest in a water proof case. I found this one at Amazon and it works pretty well when you want to take #oceanselfies or just take an extra precaution when going to the pool. Always good to have it handy!



Facial Wipes

The humidity and heat in Miami was no joke. You could sweat just walking out of your hotel within 5 seconds. So I brought along some facial wipes to freshen up at the beach overtime it got a little bit hotter. It’s important to keep out of the heat during the hottest parts of the day (10-3) but if you can’t avoid it, refreshing facial wipes are a must! These are my favorites because cucumber is refreshing.




What do you like to take with you to the beach? Are you more of a physical book person or a kindle person? Let’s chat! Leave a comment below with your input! ‘


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  1. Anna wrote:

    Very informative post! I always need to have sunscreen and chapstick. Face wipes are a great idea! I will need to give it a try!

    I will also have to add Martin Luther to my reading list! Do you have other reading recommendations? I love reading at the beach or anywhere near water. I have never tried reading from a kindle. I like being old school and reading from a physical book 🙂

    Posted 7.29.17 Reply