Best Gifts For Francophiles

Je suis un Francophile!

I am a big advocator for diving straight into a culture you want to learn more about and are obsessed with. It’s a wonderful way to immerse yourself into a culture – by learning, experiencing, and living in it.

The biggest tip I was given when studying French in school was: do it with passion or not at all.

“You must live in Paris for several years” My professor Madame Dupont said when we chatted about really becoming an expert in French.

It was the only way to learn, she said. By living and breathing in the culture, you become more aware of the many intricacies of the language and culture.

Having visited France as a child, I remember quite well all the different aspects of French culture life that I wanted to bring home with me: Eating as a family without electronics, the sights, the smells, and the casual yet extremely intellectual chats my uncle had with us about democracy, rioting, and the way government was run. (Uncle Marc found these topics to be quite important to a childs education)

I wish I took home more of France with me – as its hard to remember now some of the finer details. I was only 11 and I have never been back. I wished for more than just photos to give to my friends. I wished I could bring back some of France to gift.

Madame DuPont, it turns out, was completely right in her notion: you must live in France for several years…only a month wasn’t enough for me when I was 11. And not being close to anything French made it harder to appreciate the culture.

If you or a Francophile in your life cannot afford the luxury of hoping on a plane to Paris every year, below is a collected choice of gifts for the Francophile. And perhaps you can bring a bit of France to your life through these gifts.


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All You Need to be Impossibly French

A wonderful book on the way French women live, love, and learn. This is a wonderful light reading for winter and in 2019, you can be your most French self! If you like to learn about French culture, I highly suggest this book to become part of your literary arsenal on the French. This would also make a wonderful gift for the Francophile in your life and is available for free shipping for Prime Members.


French Press

A French press is a great way to make a cup or two of hot coffee in the morning as your read the latest newspaper or light your favorite candle. Considering adding this unique gift into your or someones morning routine. A French Press is quite chic and functional – a gift that gives back! At only $15, this gift makes a wonderful present to the French cafe lover.


Eiffel Tower Apron

I must admit, this gift is a bit kitschy, but it’s very adorable for the Francophile woman who loves to bake. Is there a local patisserie wherever you are? Perhaps give the gift of a few macaroons – or even a macaroon making class, and pair it with this beautiful and inexpensive apron with a print of the Eiffel Tower on it.


Diptyque Candle

One cannot help but think of this iconic French brand when thinking about the perfectly luxurious gift. I had the pleasure of learning more about this brand at an event I attended. Unlike some brands that claim to be French and are not, Diptyque is actually based in Paris and makes all its products with organic ingredients and has no preservatives. This is wonderful if you are burning candles – you don’t want too many toxic things in the air. Although a bit of an investment, this is the ultimate luxury gift!


Him & Her Loose Tea Set

Perfect for the adventure loving couple in your life, this Him and Her Tea set is a wonderful gift for those learning French together. I know a couple who are learning French together and these are perfect gifts for them – they like to stay at home and learn French together over a cup of tea! This is a very neat housewarming or hostess gift as well.


Un, Deux, Trois Art Print

What I love most about chic prints like this one, is putting them up in a feminine office space or makeup table. I am actually ordering this for myself because it is too chic not to get! Frame it or just have it stand on your table – this is a beautiful pink and gold print that would be wonderful for any Francophile who loves anything girly and quintessentially “French chic”. By the way, this print is only $25!


We’ll Always Have Paris Tray

A place to put your trinkets and dainty jewelry when you come in from a day at work. This tray is a beautiful piece to sit on the entry way table next to a fresh bouquet of flowers. This tray would also be lovely in any bathroom or nightstand. Give the gift of some cute storage with this lovely pink Parisian inspire tray!


Maxim’s de Paris Gourmet French Box

If you want to give the ultimate Francophile gift, give this gourmet box! It’s filled with a lovely French candles, chocolate squares, cookies, and chocolate powder. Its a cozy gift for a winter night at home. I love this gourmet box because it’s under $40 and is free shipping for Prime Members. You can order it today to get it for whatever event you’d like to present this gift in. It’s a lovely surprise and I am very tempted to get it myself.


Which gift would you like to receive or gift? Are you a Francophile? Please comment below and let’s connect! I always love hearing from readers who are also Francophiles 🙂

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