Best Hair Tools Under $200

You want the best hair tools in your tool kit. Everyone does.

Tools that don’t cost a fortune and can get the job done with minimal effort.

And it’s so easy to get caught up in the hype for the “latest and greatest” – like the Dyson line, but unless you’re a professional hair stylist, dropping $500 for a product doesn’t make financial sense. Sure, it can save you money going to the stylist because you’re doing it at home, but it’s likely going to take time to learn. And money is time. At the end of the day, it just may be easier (and cheaper) to see a professional.

Best Hair Tools Under $200

So if you can’t afford to go to the stylist and you can’t afford the $500 hair tools, this post is for you. I’ve rounded up my favorite hair tools under $200 (yes, it’s still pricey, but as far as hair tools go, it is budget friendly).

Check them out in the product roundup below. Simply scroll through for each product. Click on the one you’re more interested in.

My Favorite Hair Tool Brands

I am not a brand loyalist by any means. I use so many different brands because not every brand does every product well. For instance, I love Dry Bar for their curling wands but don’t necessarily like their hair straighteners.

That’s why I’ve included a vanity in the look book above – because I’ve tried these products, used to or own some of them now, and much prefer them over others.

The brand that never disappoints me however, is T3. I actually first heard of them 3 years ago when they approached me for a sponsored instagram post. I really liked their product and have purchased from them multiple times. From their sleek design to the excellence in how my hair turns out, I am never disappointed.

What is your favorite hair tool? I’m always looking for recommendations from my readers. Please leave a comment below with your favorite hair tools and why! Thank you so much for stopping by.

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