Best Kitchen Tools on Amazon

Ever look around a room and think “It’s time to upgrade some of these things”?

That’s how I look around my kitchen. I still have tools that have been in my family for over 16 years. And while they have lasted a long time, there are other things that have completed flopped or broken. Take for example. my trusty blender which is beyond repair. I’ve made many smoothies over the years but not upgrading the blender has caused a lot of headaches and less smoothie making.

If you’re looking around your kitchen right now and can see a few tools that need upgrading or maybe you want something new, here’s a post for you. Click any item in the collage below to shop the BEST and highly rated kitchen tools on Amazon.

Dash Mini Waffle Maker // Silicone Non-Stick Baking Mats // Hot Holder // Digital Instant Thermometer // Instant Pot 7 in 1 Cooker // K-Cup Carousel // Salad Spinner // Cast Iron Skillet // Magnetic Bag Clips

It’s ok to upgrade

One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned during this lockdown is that I hold on to too many things that don’t work or work poorly. And those things hold me back from enjoying my time in the kitchen.

Those hand me downs are great, but if I can’t enjoy the process of cooking because of outdated kitchen tools, then maybe I need to let go.

Maybe you know this from my weekly newsletter (you can sign up here) but a few weeks ago my oven broke mid lockdown. And because I’m immunocompromised, I’m not letting anyone inside my home right now.

So I got a pressure cooker and an Air Fryer (this one) and it’s really brought more joy into the cooking experience. I like when my tools and appliances are new – they work better, they take less energy, and I don’t have to keep spending money on repairs. (Repairing my oven will cost just as much as buying a brand new one).

The point here is, don’t feel bad for wanting to upgrade! And Amazon makes it easy to do so. I love the kitchen tools available on there! So many great choices/ I always read reviews so these items were picked for this post with great care!

Which one are you most interested in getting? That waffle maker is in my shopping cart!

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