Best Way To Goal Plan in 2019 {Plus GIVEAWAY}

Goal planning

2 words that seem reserved for those who are running businesses or have fitness goals.

But goal planning extends to much more than just the business man or woman and more than just someone who has health and wellness goals.

You can plan goals around your daily life: goals for finances, for school, for mindsets, for cleaning.

Goal planning can extend to both tangible and intangible ideas.

The new year is just around the corner and most people will begin planning out their goals for 2o19. And that’s all well and good. But it isn’t effective if you cannot keep yourself accountable every single day.

You can write as many lists as you want – but if you’re not actively going back to that list on a daily basis, it’s hard to be motivated, accountable, and determined.

I have a way to combat this and today I’m sharing a very helpful resource for you along with a chance to win this resource for yourself!

Cultivate What Matters Planner - The Petite Bijou


Cultivate What Matters Planner - The Petite Bijou

Intentional Goal Planner

I’ve tried a lot of “planners” that claim to help you achieve your goals. But none of them quite helped me with the more thoughtful process behind goal planning.

There’s schedulers and planners, and then there’s INTENTIONAL PLANNERS.

The ones that make you stop and really think about what this goal means to you…and how you’ll solve or achieve this goal.

When I received this PowerSheet one year planner from Cultivate What Matters, I managed to break my 3 big goals into several little ones – something I have never been quite good at.

Ask anyone that knows me and they’ll tell you about how I’m more of the “big picture” person and less of the execution person.

I detest routine.

I scoff at 5 am gym wake ups. I’d rather sleep in.

I can plan out a project with extreme success..but don’t ask me to sit at a desk and schedule things. I’m the worst at little menial tasks.


Fixing My “Big Picture” Problem

But with the planner in hand, I realized my problem was not that I was bad at any of those things. It was that I got completely overwhelmed with all the tasks that I need done.

I have BIG goals but I get stuck when trying to figure out: “ what do we have to do to get from Point A to Point B”

These Power Sheets changed my mindset and perspective on what my goals actually looked like.

The way this planner is set up helps you plan step by step, jot down all the jumble of thoughts in your head, and clear space for meaningful and intentional planning.




My Goals for 2019

  1. Stay Consistent: 5 blog posts/week, social media posts everyday, daily routine consistent
  2. Reach Sales Goals: this blog supports itself, but this blogger needs to start saving for emergencies.
  3. Make an Impact: I want to find a way to help others more – thinking about my book, a course, or starting a new business model for some side projects.

All those things are great – but each BIG goal has a little goal with it.

In order to be consistent, I need a schedule. In order to have a schedule, I need more energy.

In order to write everyday, I need a content calendar – which means I need a brainstorm session.

And so on and so forth….

Without this planner, I don’t think I would have written down all the mini goals I needed. And to be honest, my head feels less jumbled than ever before. It’s finally cleared and ready to get to work on these goals.

Cultivate What Matters Planner - The Petite Bijou

Cultivate What Matters Planner - The Petite Bijou

Cultivate What Matters Planner - The Petite Bijou

Ready to Make 2019 the Best Year Yet?

You can win your very own Cultivate Planner today by entering the giveaway below. Here’s how to enter:


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Hope you win this giveaway! And if you don’t win, you can still SHOP fabulous this planner by clicking here.



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