Best Women’s Razor For Flawless Legs

Have you ever wanted smooth legs and bought the best razor brand out there only for your legs to turn out full of cuts and razor burn?

Because I have.

And for the past few years, my skin has become incredibly sensitive to razors. I’ve even tried highly rated razors from other influencers and it just didn’t cut it (well it did, badly).

And with someone like my hair texture and color, you get a 5 o’clock shadow pretty soon after shaving, so you have to shave often. Red bumps, burns, and bandaids on your legs are no fun for the summer.

I am currently saving up for major laser hair removal. But until then, I have been having the smoothest legs of my life thanks to a new razor my mom recommended!

Best Women's Razor

How to get flawless legs all year round

This magic razor, found on Amazon, has been a life saver. I never have any cuts and I don’t get razor burn. You don’t need any shaving cream, and it’s so easy to use on a daily basis. Hair doesn’t grow back coarse or stiff.

The Finishing Touch Flawless Legs Hair Razor has 4 mini circle razors on it and is rechargeable. All you have to do is plug it in using a USB and it’s ready to go. The razor also comes with a neat little carrying case, a charging cable, and a little brush to clean the razor.



By the way, the hair is trapped inside the razor! No having to clean up hair messes in the tub or the floor. Here’s how this razor works.

Best Women's Razor

How to use the Finishing Touch Flawless Legs Hair Remover

Start with freshly cleansed skin. You don’t need to exfoliate in the shower, as this razor will do so. But feel free to exfoliate parts you are not shaving.

Make sure your skin is dry. Press the button to start the razor and use an upward sweeping circular motion to shave. You can get this razor right onto your skin and you won’t get cut, so really get in there. I like to think of it as “buffing” your skin like you would a car. Don’t use this razor for more sensitive parts (under arms, bikini, etc) as it isn’t made for areas where your skin is thin. The brand does have a sensitive area razor you can get here.

Shaving with this Flawless Legs razor literally takes 5 minutes – no cuts, no razor burn, no red bumps.

Mousitrize afterwards and you’re done!

Extra Bijou Tip

To make your legs look even more flawless, follow these self tanning tips 24 hours after using this razor. You’ll have model envy legs (or arms!)

Will you order this? Try it out and let me know your results! Tag me on your Instagram stories if you feature it so I can share your account with my followers.


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  1. Charlotte wrote:

    Thank you so much for this helpful post. Hope, my newly tattooed legs got healed in few days and starts shaving with your method. Btw, I don’t feel any pain because of tattooing after using the best tattoo numbing cream. Also, I am too excited to showoff my new tattooed shiny legs to my friends and family.

    Posted 5.1.21 Reply