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Hampton Social | The Petite Bijou

You know those places everyone takes cute IG photos at?

Well The Hampton Social is one of those places – iPhone out, rosé glasses clinking for that perfect boomerang. The Hampton Social is an Instagram lover’s paradise. And one i’ve not been to until now.

I have to admit, I thought this place might have been just a wee bit overrated due to the hilarious amounts of IG photos tagged in this location. In particular, the rosé all day sign.

That sign is like an IG girl magnet, ok? So once you understand that “on trend” places are usually overhyped because of social media, it becomes rather disillusioned.

So we strolled up to River North and tried out the “hamptons in Chicago” restaurant I’ve heard (and seen) so much about.


Good summary? Here are some pictures from my trip there.

Hampton Social | The Petite Bijou

A very secluded place except for the fact the windows were open as we walked by. This was only a short walk away from the Merchandise Mart Brown line stop. You enter a inconspicious door and go up the stairs to this beachy entrance. Made a reservation with Open Table so we didn’t wait long. Glad we did, because it soon became very busy!

There was live music playing hit tunes like “Trouble” by Taylor Swift haha! It was quite lovely. We were sat next to the brick oven kitchen (they make brick oven pizzas) and it was very warm. The only thing I did not like about this place was the no AC on a 96 degree day with an oven burning away! Yikes…

Their signature FROSÉ which had peach puree (not my favorite). The drink quickly became a regular rosé because I couldn’t stomach the puree. Delicious, just not for me.

Hampton Social | The Petite Bijou

The Bees Knees, which was quite delicious! Came with a little honey comb too.

The Food at The Hampton Social

We enjoyed a warm lobster roll and steak frites! Everything was so delicious (I don’t eat seafood but I’m trusting it was good). The steak frites I had was very yummy – small pieces that were beautifully seasoned along with shoe strung fries.

I think I had said I was in the mood for poutine so the closest thing I could get was fries with that yummy steak sauce haha!

The Hampton Social | The Petite Bijou

I had such a lovely time eating dinner here. If only they didn’t have the windows open, I think I would have been very comfortable. But otherwise it was quite lovely. As you can see, I managed to stop by their instagrammable wall to snap a quick shot. Might as well!

Have you ever eaten here? Would you like to see more of my Chicago adventures? Leave a comment below!

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