Brand Spotlight: Is Kate Spade Really Worth It?

The very first Kate Spade order I placed was actually for my very first giveaway on my instagram account. I believe it was a wallet and a gift card that was hidden inside it! Well the wallet came and the giveaway winner was raving about it so I decided to order something from Kate Spade for myself. I purchased the purse above and wore it for the whole of spring and summer.

Kate Spade has always been a brand I was attracted to in terms of aesthetics. The brand is feminine, but simple – using polka dot and stripe patterns that are very timeless. Although pricey, their accessories, home decor, and clothing items are simply luxurious.

This week Kate Spade is celebrating it’s 25th Anniversary so I wanted to share my favorite picks from their online shop in categories I like.

Get 20% off your Kate Spade purchase with code: MDAY18 

Valid until 5/13

I’m sorry not to include any fashion or shoes in this post – I can’t justify spending $300-$500 on one shirt or a dress (also a problem I have with retailers like Shopbop). I’m aware most of my readers don’t have that kind of money to spend on a single clothing item but would rather invest in furniture or accessories. The problem with the clothes is that the fit my change over time whereas everything else doesn’t.

So forgive me if I don’t share those. You are welcome to check out their selection here. But without further ado, here are my favorite picks from accessories, tech, home decor, and of course, purses!

In answering the question, is Kate Spade really worth it? I say yes, but only among certain categories.

A Casual Spring Look With Kate Spade | The Petite Bijou



My little purse up there is the Cameron Street purse but the design has changed since I purchased this. Below are a few similar purses, including the updated Cameron Street. This is a good purse line to invest in before getting a high end luxury purse like a Chanel or Gucci. Secretly eyeing this Gucci purse and hope I can afford it one day. Sticking with KS for now.


Tech Accessories

I absolutely love their tech accessories because they are so chic! Everything from phone covers to their chargers. Kate Spade makes tech very feminine, which I appreciate.


Get 20% off your Kate Spade purchase with code: MDAY18 

Valid until 5/13


Accessories + Jewelry

I truly love a simple studded or pearl earrings, a floppy hat, and a beautifully printed scarf for summer. Kate Spade has that east coast prep vibe that sometimes other retailers don’t pull off well (ex. too “exclusive” or not  versatile). These accessories are easy to wear everyday.


Home Decor

This is the category I would totally splurge on when it comes to Kate Spade! What I really love most is the kitchen and dining categories because of how moderately priced the items are. For bedding, check out Home Goods – I’ve seen tons of Kate Spade on sale! Check out my home decor picks below.


So Kate Spade has it’s ups and downs, but the brand is very classical. I do love their purses and home decor the most. I want you to enjoy this brand so here’s a code for 20% of your purchases to celebrate their 25th Anniversary The code is good until May 13th, 2018.




What do you think about Kate Spade? Do you have any of their products or purses? Leave a comment below and let’s chat!


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