Cape Cod Style: My End of Summer Fashion Go – To

It’s no secret I am obsessed with anything nautical. My favorite memories have always been by bodies of water. As a child, my family took a lot of trips to Florida and that’s where I always had good memories, you know? Nothing ever bad happened on vacations: parents never argued, there was no rush, nothing to worry about.

So I think that’s why I’m always called to anything nautical – good memories mean I feel happier and better next to water. One of my favorite places to soak in the sun and the waves is Cape Cod.

Iconic to being the favorite spot for the Kennedy’s, to the beautiful style of houses, Cape Cod is a dreamy place where I often found serenity and made even more happy memories at the end of summer. I stopped visiting CC for the past 2 years, simply because there was no longer need for me to go to MA to get new scleral lenses (I get them in Texas now).

But a part of me misses the cape, which is why I love pretending I’m there, even when in Chicago.

Nautical style isn’t something you see too much of in the city. But it’s a perfect nod to the end of summer and the last hoorah of warm weather.

My go-to nautical inspired outfit is a Breton top paired with denim shorts (which I really only reserve for when I’m not being photographed, so this is a huge deal for me to share haha). And I like to add in a really comfortable but classy oxford, just to make the whole look a bit more preppy and less casual.

Breton tops are not only a great fall transition piece, but can be worn all year round a la Parisian inspired looks. Pair it with a trench coat and some cute ballet flats for a very chic but professional fall look.



I’m not a huge denim shorts type of gal. I hardly wear them unless I’m at the beach. But this summer I’ve worn them out several times and I’m still not 100% comfortable with them. I find the styles are too short these days (just a personal preference and I’m not saying that short is bad). But with a Breton top, they seem more elegant and preppy, which is great if you’re not comfortable with denim shorts either.



The oxford is a lovely choice to elevate any look. These from DSW I got on a whim. At first, they didn’t strike my fancy and I wrongly assumed they would be uncomfortable. But after taking them off the shelf, I noticed they had padded soles! They are very comfortable and I honestly think they are as comfy as sneakers. Here are some other great oxfords:



My favorite Cape Cod memory? Sitting at the beach with a good antique book from a lovely antique store near Hyannis. I don’t remember what it was called, but I got a few things from there (as I do with most trips).

Reading, eating, and just being on the Cape is so lovely. I do miss Massachusetts and have often wondered if I should relocate there. But I know that won’t happen – it’s just as cold there as it is in Chicago during the winter. But at least it’s a pretty cold…I can imagine myself walking along a snowy beach…

Have you ever visited Cape Cod? What’s your go-to nautical look?

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