A Casual Spring Look

Don’t get me wrong, I love dressing up.

In fact, I find it hard NOT to dress up

Leaving home with just a T-shirt and jeans sounds like torture for a women that loves to add red lipstick and heels to every outfit.

So when dressing up all fancy isn’t an appropriate thing to do (although it should be), I like to make sure I stick with my simple but elegant mantra for casual outfits. And that’s where darling Kate Spade comes in.

A Casual Spring Look With Kate Spade | The Petite Bijou

Jean Jacket (similar here) // Long Black Sleeve Top (similar here) // Black Jeans from Express // Flats by Ann Taylor Loft // Purse by Kate Spade


Kate Spade is hands down one of my favorite designers. You can literally put any accessory or bag on and voila! Instant elegance. I only own one Kate Spade bag, the Cedar Street Maisie, but it’s my favorite of them all! There’s lot’s of room for all my essentials: eyedrops, emergency inhaler, lip balm, red lipstick, notepad, pen, cellphone, charger, energy bar, etc. You name it, it fits!

If I’m commuting, I like to add the straps back on and place it over my shoulder for an easy to carry look. But for a lovely flower run, I just carry it in the crook of my arm.

A Casual Spring Look With Kate Spade | The Petite Bijou

Although you can wear Kate Spade with just about anything, I like this purse with simple outfits. I am really glad it’s starting to become spring around here, because carrying this purse with a long Northface puffer coat and sneaker was starting to look pretty ridiculous.

I love denim jackets for when the weather gets warmer. This one was from H&M from their collection three years ago (can you tell I keep things forever?). It’s pretty snug because bigger sizes don’t flatter my petite frame. In any case, this jacket is a great transitional piece. If you want some alternatives I love this one and this one.

A Casual Spring Look With Kate Spade | The Petite Bijou

Black jeans or skinny pants are also a staple for me in terms of going casual. Like I said, I’m not a huge denim person unless I’m seriously lounging about. These black skinny jeans are from Express and I got them as part of a two for one deal a few months ago. Express has really great petite selections in a variety of different styles.

I paired them up with my classic black lace up flats from Ann Taylor Loft. Have you tried the lace flat up trend? If you’re looking for some great choices, I wrote a previous article on 20 Must Have Lace Up Flats For Spring. They are super comfortable but I wouldn’t recommend them for long walks. Also make sure you are tying them right. I’ve seen a lot of ways to do it but you want to make sure that nothing becomes loose. If you’re wearing pants it’s best to just have them tucked under, like I do!

A Casual Spring Look With Kate Spade | The Petite Bijou

A Casual Spring Look With Kate Spade | The Petite Bijou

Jumping back to the pretty purse  – Have you heard of Style Collective? Well, we’re doing a Spring Style Challenge this week! Today’s entry is all about Spring bags and clutches. I’ve featured this purse since winter and believe it’s versatile enough to go all year round. Isn’t that what you want from an investment anyways? I sure do!

Look, it’s not every season you’re getting purses and clutches left and right (unless your a Kardashian or Hilton). Like I mentioned before, versatility and longevity in your apparel and accessories is key in creating a timeless capsule wardrobe. You want your purses to do the same. Of course, I’d always recommend Kate Spade. But if you are looking for other purses and clutches to invest in, check out my previous post on my blush purses here.

A Casual Spring Look With Kate Spade | The Petite Bijou

I am having the time of my life getting back to posting outfits for you all! I know it was one of the things you wanted to come back and it’s safe to say exciting things are on the way. Sometimes a good kick in the butt (style challenge) is all you need to get you posting the things you love again. Things got busy, as they always do. But I’m glad to bring you more style among other exciting things!

Stay tuned for travel, food, and lifestyle posts coming your way this month!

What’s your most loved bag, clutch, or purse? How long have you had it? Share your thoughts with me in the comments below! I always love hearing how long people keep trusted apparel and accessories! 

xo Mariam