10 Piece Parisian Inspired Closet

Every woman should experience the classical style of Parisians at least once in their life. And you don’t have to go to Paris to do it. In continuation of The Petite Bijou Bastille Day celebrations,…

My Top Purchases at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

What a day! From the drive to Nordstroms all the way through trying to get my try on sessions imported so I can make my first Youtube Video. Every year, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is…

Elegant White Lace Dresses Under $100

When I think of white lace, I think of elegance, history, and an air of delicateness that isn’t quite seen anymore. It’s a beautiful pattern to wear during the summer months because it can be…

How To Travel When You Like Many Outfits

Deciding on what to wear while traveling is never easy. First you have the “what do I wear while on plane/in car?” question. Then you need to figure out which outfits you will need during…

How To Look Timeless

A very long time ago I decided my style was not trendy. I could never quite fit in wearing the clothes I wore. In middle school, I was sported berets and trench coats. In high…

Brand Spotlight: Is Kate Spade Really Worth It?

The very first Kate Spade order I placed was actually for my very first giveaway on my instagram account. I believe it was a wallet and a gift card that was hidden inside it! Well…

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