Chapped Lips In Winter? Try This Product

Anyone else suffer with extremely dry lips in the winter?

It’s something that becomes tiresome for me. I think I have them all exfoliated, put on my red lipstick, and then within the next hour: chapped lips.

I can drink all the water in the world and still have dry and chapped lips during the cold weather. It’s irksome and a viscous cycle of never ending vaseline.

But recently I found a product, a very inexpensive product, that is promising for anyone dealing with chapped lips.

Chapped Lips In Winter? Try This Product! | The Petite Bijou

Enter the e.l.f. Lip Exfoliator. A cruelty free and vegan $4 lip exfoliator that will leave your lips ready for that winter chill. It comes in several different flavors including coconut, rose, cherry, and mint. As well as a clear version.

Chapped Lips In Winter? Try This Product! | The Petite Bijou

How This Magic Exfoliator Works

By gently buffing out and exfoliating your lips with the sugary part of the stick and then by providing noursahisng and conditioning oils such as avocado, jojoba, and Vitamin E oil. It’s all included on one stick and you’ll get the best of both with a few swipes here and there.

It looks like a regular lipstick but has the power of an exfoliant and the power of a chapstick rolled into one. No need to carry around three different lip products anymore.


How To Use It

Rub the exfoliator gently in small circles on your lip and then gently (very gently) wipe it away with a tissue. You can follow up with a lip balm if your lips are extra dry or simply just use the outer portion of the exfoliator (this part contains the conditioning oils) and put it on like regular lipstick.

Put on your favorite lipstick or lip gloss and you’re good to go!


Compared to Other Lip Exfoliants

I used to use the Fresh Sugar Lip Exfoliator but found it wasn’t coarse or exfoliating enough. It just did a “meh” job to be honest. Seeing this e.l.f product in Ulta, I scooped it up and tried it out for a few weeks before writing this and i am still very much impressed and a fan. Will not be using the Sugar product again unless it starts getting the job done. Plus…it was pricey to keep buying.

The only downside is that I did purchase a second exfoliant (the cherry flavor to be specific) and the tube did break in half. Tried to sort of “glue” it back on by trying to smash it back in and the material didn’t really stick together. To clarify, this didn’t stop me from using it (I just kept it in a container and picked it up with my hands – I don’t like being wasteful). According to reviews, i’m not the only one whose had it break.

If it does break, it’s not a big deal. This stuff is worth using, broken or not!


Final Verdict

I think this will be amazing come winter time. Already my own lips are very chapped and I have been using this daily. I only need to use it every couple of hours and my lips are always lett very smooth. Definitely try this out. With being only $4, you have nothing to lose!


To help your lips even further, here are a few more recommendations in addition to thins e.l.f lip exfoliator:

  • Keep a humidifier going in your home to add moisture and prevent dry skin. Check out my favorite humidifier here.
  • Drink lots of water and keep hydrated. Use this chic BPA Free water bottle to motive you.
  • Protect your lips using an SPF lip balm. Yes, even in the winter
  • Don’t pick at your lips! This can cause bleeds and tear fragile skin around your mouth – it’s also unhygienic.



Do your lips also get chapped in the winter? How do you help them? Would love to hear some of the tips you have tired in the comments below. Thank you!

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