How to Choose the Right Signature Perfume

Let’s face it…. choosing a signature scent is HARD. Bottles and bottles of perfume and cologne line the shelves while you stand back and are faced with a choice: Which one is the right one for me?

Here’s the BIG goal at the end: Finding a Signature Scent – you know, the one that best fits YOU. The one that reminds people of you! Or whatever you want a signature scent to stand for.

Read on for some fail-proof steps on choosing the right scent for you!

How To Choose A Signature Perfume | The Petite Bijou

1. Define Your Style

What defines you? What moods are you attracted to? Don’t think emotions but rather aesthetics. Look at your personal style and see what comes to mind. My personal wardrobe reflects my style very well. I have pieces that are modern, vintage, and dark. I think of Classic yet Dark. So I’m going to try to match my style with a perfume! The beauty of this is – if you don’t want to match anything, DON’T. It’s completely up to you.


2. Testing 1,2,3 Testing

If you do the step above then the next thing you should do is Research! Go online and browse scents that match your style description. Not sure which ones to try? Ask a retail associate!

Head to your store of choice and try scents out! You should remember that just because a particular scent is popular or sells fast doesn’t mean it’s right for you. Our skins react differently to different ingredients in the scents. Just because your friend smelled good wearing so-and-so doesn’t mean it will smell the same on you!

Skip the “spray on paper” test and go ask an associate to spray a tester on you (or do yourself). Place a very very small amount on the inside of your wrist. Don’t wave at it. Let it sit with you – the WHOLE day. Yes, the whole day. What you smell in the beginning might not be there when you’re out at night on that date. And let’s face it – there’s a possibility you might just dislike it. Does it give you a headache? Is it too strong? Do other people notice it? These are all important questions to ask.


3. Don’t Rush

Someone might try to sell you on a scent before you’ve had the time to get to know it (retail is hard, folks). Sure, you can buy the whole bottle right then and there. If you don’t like it some stores might let you return them. But wouldn’t you rather spend that hard earned money knowing you made a good decision? Don’t rush into buying a scent. Let the tester sit with you for the day. Don’t like it? Try another one.


Why is she so insistent on “let it sit with you”?

Because my friends, your signature scent isn’t just any perfume/cologne. It reflects you. It reflects what you want it to reflect. Summary = It’s an investment. A good signature scent should make you feel amazing. It should make that date you’re with want to lean in closer. Treat yourself with an item that will serve you well.

Stay tuned for my next article in this series where I’ll teach you exactly how to wear your new signature scent!!

Gucci Guilty

Black Opium

Jo Malone

White Nirvana



Do you have a signature scent? I’d love to know what it is & why you wear it!



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  1. Jo Malone for me, thanks for all the tips!

    Posted 10.4.17 Reply
    • Mariam wrote:

      Jo Malone has some amazing scents to choose from. I like that most of them are very crisp too. Thanks for reading the post & leaving a comment. I really appreciate it!

      Posted 10.4.17 Reply

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