City Living Guide to Indoor Plants

I love my city and I love living in downtown. There’s amazing views and countless things to do – all only a few steps away. But sometimes I long for a garden – a nice little patch where I can grow my own food, various flowers, and other beautiful plants. There’s not much opportunity to have a garden when living in a high-rise.

What’s a city gal with a love for greenery to do? Bring the outside in of course! There’s a few high rise and apartment friendly plants you can bring in to your home.

City Living Guide to Indoor Plants -


Succulents & Cacti

These beauties are so easy to take care of! You bring them right in and place them near a light source. There’s some adorable succulent and cacti plants in many stores! I love Home Depot for my collection of plants. You can buy them as single plants or arranged in bowls. I really can’t say anything else about these plants except that they are amazing!


My fascination with tropical plants started early on. Once I saw how beautiful one looked in my apartment, I couldn’t stop myself from buying more! I got my lovely plants from Trader Joe’s. Not only were they inexpensive but they are also incredibly easy to take care of! Just follow the instructions each plant comes with.


These are a bit trickier to handle but certainly not impossible. We have had a variety of herbs growing in our apartment and two of our favorites have been Basil and Rosemary. Make sure you repot! This is incredibly important.┬áTake the time to know how to take care of these herbs and all the other plants. Even if you don’t have a green thumb – you can still keep plants alive!

The City Living Guide to Indoor Plants
Basil Plant


Whenever I scroll through my Instagram feed I see so much inspiration in the floral department. Being a huge wedding geek, I follow tons of florists! Putting together a lovely boquet is the bees knees. You too can bring lovely florals in to your home! If you’re not experienced at putting together your own bouquet- just buy one! I LOVE Trader Joe’s for simple arrangements. The best part? They’re under $10. Voila! You have a lovely arrangement. Put it on your dining table, your boudoir, or any other place you can think of!

City Living Guide to Indoor Plants -


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Additional Tips:
  • Research, Research, Research – Learn how to take care of your new house plants!
  • Water often. If you’ll be away for the week make sure you get someone to come in and water your plants! Ask a trusty neighbor or family member.
  • Check for bugs. Aphids are annoying. Make sure they’re not eating away at your lovely plants.
  • Enjoy your plants! Maybe you like singing to them….I don’t know, does that work?

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