Create A Cozy Autumn Morning Routine

Get up, rush out the door. That’s what most people do each morning. There’s only 24 hours of the day and so much work to get done. However a rushed morning can never be a good start to the day. It essentially creates a mental state of hurry and worry.

“Am I going to be on time?”

“Will the meeting go ok?”

“Did I forget my lunch?”

Mornings can be hectic, but with some careful planning, they don’t have to be. Why not having a cozy autumn morning routine? The benefit of creating a seasonal routine is more mindfulness, less emotional breakdowns, and more time for yourself – something we all lack in the modern day of “busy”.

It’s time to stop the glorification of busy and start focusing on how we approach our mornings. They can be a source of inspiration, relaxation, and peace. A morning in the fall does not have to be groggy and rushed. So change with the weather and embrace these simple steps to a very cozy and very mindful autumn morning routine.


Make the bed right away

When you wake up, make the bed right away and add back those cozy pillows and throw blankets. You do this to set up your night: you come home to a clean place and everything is waiting for you…all nice and neat. This will clear your mind. Clutter can cause a lot of anxiety and racing thoughts. So start your day by tidying up.

While you are at it, pick up anything on the counters of floor that don’t belong there and put them in the right place. Keeping things organizes will help you start the morning off with energy. And while you make your breakfast and coffee, you can admire how nice and tidy everything looks! That’s a great feeling, isn’t it?


Start the day with a “fall” mindset

The season changes and that reminds us to change with it. Focus on what you’d like to change and improve in your life. Tell yourself every morning that “I will get better at X” or “I will have X” by the end of the season. A positive mindset about change is needed to start your day inspired. I am personally a big believe in the power of speaking your goals into existence and then taking action to fulfill those goals!

I actually have my goals on a big piece of paper taped to my office wall, so that when I pass it every morning, I am reminded about my absolute dedication and determination for those goals. They change every season and I can get more focused and persistent on accomplishing them before the season is over. This is great if you’d like to challenge yourself to keep going,

If big sticky pads and notes aren’t for you, try a goal planner like this one.


Delight your senses

Smell, sight, sound, and taste. What are the coziest things that remind you of fall? For me, its the smell of pumpkin spiced coffee brewing in the pot as I walk into the kitchen. It’s the sounds of birds chirping and the swirling of leaves outside with the window open. It’s the sight of a clean home with small lamps that get turned on before the sun fully comes out. To me, this is cozy.

But what about you? If you want to create a cozy morning routine, think about how you can delight your senses. Perhaps you prefer the smell of warm apple cider, the sight of gourds on the table, the sounds of a crackling fire. Whatever delights you should be a part of your routine.

Dress the part

You want a cozy autumn morning routine? Then you also have to remember to dress the part! A fluffy robe when you get out of bed paired with some beautiful slippers will make you feel oh so cozy and luxurious. My absolute favorite robe is known for how warm and soft it is. Everyone buys it each autumn and it often sells out during sales. You can find it here. For slippers, I love these because of how soft they look!


Schedule during breakfast

As you sit at your table for breakfast, schedule out your top 3 to-dos of the day, whether it’s work or personal. Having those top 3 helps you focus. Let’s face it, no one wants a to-do list that has 30 things on it and all of them are equally important. I big tip I learned from a fellow entrepreneur was to do things in 3. Write down the 3 goals, have 3 meetings back to back, spend 3 minutes speed cleaning 3 rooms. It helps keep you focused and not overwhelmed.


Take a breather before going out to the office

Step outdoors for a few minutes and take some fresh air in. I would highly suggest a quick walk around your neighborhood or if you can, walk to work. Too many of us spend all day sitting at the office and not allowing some time for our health. Many recommend walking as a way to keep healthy, improve circulation, and lose weight. Spening time in nature in the early fall (before it gets too chilly) is a wonderful way to connect with oneself and with our hopes and dreams. Perhaps you will see something very inspiring on your walk and it will keep you motivated and feeling cozy throughout the day. My favorites are morning walks during fall to see everyones lovely outdoor harvest decorations.


Se the mood with a fall playlist

Whether you enjoy smooth jazz, classic music, or modern café, set yourself a fall playlist. I can’t help you much here in terms of suggestions – as I love to listen to waltzes and also podcasts that discuss theology first thing in the morning. Yes, I know, weird…but I love it!

So what do you love? Listen to that! And if podcasts are your thing, check out mine here or below in the automatic player on this website. My podcast features interviews with experts each week in style, beauty, wellness, business, career, and so much more! They help you change your life and live inspired one episode at a time,


How will you approach your autumn routine? What does it look like? I would love to hear how you start your morning below in the comments. Thanks for reading this post!

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    These are all such great ideas, but I especially love the thought of being in a fall mindset with regards to improving yourself and working toward goals.

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