Day 10: Bijou Makeup Set – 12 Days of Bijou Giveaway

I can’t believe it’s Day 10!

This giveaway has gone by so fast and I wish I thought about it some more and made it like a month long thing. Or just a mega week long giveaway for each week in December. Although that seems like a great idea for my birthday month or blogiversary in July…..

Either way, I do really appreciate you as a reader, subscriber, and follower. You motivate me to do better in 2018 – to write more, do more style posts, more giveaways, more chatting with you all about my life. I’m not a very public person. I find snap chatting or insta story-ing my life on a daily basis may be too dull and too personal.

Then again, I’m not so sure. Because I’ve gotten quite a few messages from readers would like to see more and learn more about me. However, I’m honestly just scared at this point. My life isn’t a pretty thing all the time. What you don’t see is the endless hours I spend working away on small tasks anyone could do within minutes. What you don’t see is my lagging energy levels – or how breakfast takes up a good chunk of time trying to get myself to stay awake. What you don’t see is my eyes half of the day – makeup free, lenses not in (I’m legally blind without them). and the pain that a bad eye day may cause.

I do really hope 2018 will be better. And I do hope I can show you more of it. But for now, I have to gain enough strength and that means being behind the scenes a while doing posts like these in hopes someone can relate.

For Day 10, I wanted to give something that has helped me with my confidence – especially starting a blog.


Day 10 Prize – Bijou Makeup Set


I feel the most empowered with makeup. I feel beautiful with makeup. And although I do agree that beauty comes from within, unless you’ve been in a similar situation than me, you don’t know how devastating 3rd degree burns are to your skin and self esteem.

I use makeup because it helps me heal. It makes me feel like I did before my illness. Makeup helps me connect to other people because they see past my scars. My burn scars are still visible with makeup, but the creativity allows me to be as glamorous as someone without scarring.

Keep reading to find out what’s included and how you can win this set…

What’s Included?


How to Enter the Giveaway

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Step 3: Comment on that photo & tell me your favorite makeup product and why you love it – CLICK HERE


How to Get Extra Entries

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This giveaway starts at 8:30 am CST and ends in 24 hours. The winner will be announced shortly after and must contact me within 24 hrs to claim their prize. Giveaway is only open to US residents and all giveaway participants must be 18+ years of age. Giveaway or spam only accounts will not be chosen.

Good luck and thank you so much for entering! What makeup product is your favorite? What does beauty mean to you?


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  1. Anu wrote:

    Beauty is an inner feeling. Anything that boosts your confidence in you is beautiful. Personally I feel confident and happy when I dress up well

    Posted 12.10.17 Reply