Day 8 – Sally Hansen Nail Polish Set

Over 6 months ago I started working with Sally Hansen to promote their miracle gel nail polish.

At first I was skeptical. As a rule, I just don’t wear nail polish very often.

It usually chips, my nails grow everyday, the colors muted, or the consistency of the polish completely sticky. For example – Essie has beautiful colors but I cannot stand the way the polish goes on. It’s clumpy. It doesn’t dry well. And I end up needing over 3 coats.

Maybe I’m just bad at doing my nails, but I’d like to think that it’s easier to have 1 coat versus several every 2 days.

So I tried Sally Hansen “miracle” gel nail polish. Wow, was I blown away! It works. Plain and simple. 

I don’t need 3 layers, I don’t need to wait 30 minutes to dry my nails, it doesn’t chip.

And then I tried their Salon Chrome line and that impressed me too! So I though – why not? Why not make this an awesome prize. This isn’t even sponsored. I liked these so much I bought them for you!




Keep reading to find out how you can win this set – don’t let the photo fool you, there’s more polish!


I couldn’t photograph everything – but there’s about 4 more nail polishes for you included in this set! (just arrived!) And I really can’t wait to gift this to you.

A note on the polish – I highly recommend you try the black one! I haven’t painted my nails black since high school but after seeing this I just had to and it turned out sooo classy!

What’s included?

  • Light Pink Miracle Gel Polish
  • Black Miracle Gel Polish (2)
  • Red Miracle Gel Polish
  • Blue Miracle Gel Polish
  • Festive Green Miracle Gel Polish
  • Salon Chrome Blue Nail Polish Kit
  • Salone Chrome Pink Nail Polish Kit


  • Large Bliss Moisturizing Cream
  • Bliss Moisturizing Manicure Gloves
  • A Nail Filer


How to Enter the Giveaway

Step 1: Follow ME on Instagram @thepetitebijou

Step 2: Like this photo – CLICK HERE

Step 3: Comment on the photo – tell me your favorite polish color – CLICK HERE

This giveaway starts at 8:30 am CST and ends in 24 hours. The winner will be announced shortly after and must contact me within 24 hrs to claim their prize. Giveaway is only open to US residents and all giveaway participants must be 18+ years of age. Giveaway or spam only accounts will not be chosen.


How to Get Extra Entries

In the same IG post as above, tag 2 friends- but it has to be someone you haven’t tagged yet! No tagging the same people (psssttt….I’m checking!)


Good luck to everyone! I know you’ll love this polish set! It’s fantastic and I’m probably never using another nail polish brand every again haha! This miracle gel is indeed a miracle gel.

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