DIY: Essential Oil Fall Room Spray

How easy is it to make your own scented room spray? Pretty easy. The benefits? It’s all natural and you save money. They make amazing gifts for Christmas too! In today’s post, I am sharing a fall room spray DIY using essential oils which has become my new favorite craft and gift for family and friends. I use this spray everyday. Don’t forget to get your free PDF of other scent recipes below. Keep reading!

A very neat recipe for a DIY room spray using essential oils. Make your home smell festive and heavenly and also ditch store bought room sprays for these healthy alternatives! Click through to the post to get a free recipe sheet for other wonderful scents you could make!

Why A DIY Room Spray?

This season I wanted to make a conscious effort in using less chemicals in our home. I have always been conscious of the environmental impact store bough cleaners, candles, and sprays had. But I never really considered them to impact our health in anyway – until recently.

I really love candles and room sprays. They make the holidays a little extra special and also bring in our favorite fall scents whenever we are having a cozy night in or entertaining guests. But there are downsides to buying your room sprays. Firstly, they are expensive.


Generic Room Sprays Are BAD News

A nice Glade room spray from Target is easily $13.00 and those usually don’t last too long (depending on how much you use them) Secondly, they are horrible for the environment and horrible for your health (especially if you have a lung condition, like me). I don’t feel too good spraying the air we breathe with chemicals and harmful additives to the environment and our health. After thinking about this, I made it my mission to find a healthy alternative, which ended up being a DIY room spray I could make using essential oils.

I did some research on Pinterest and found some great resources on what oils, bottles, and chemicals I needed to make this happen. The result? A gorgeous smelling holiday room spray that is safe and healthy!

DIY Essential Oil Fall Room Spray | The Petite Bijou

What You’ll Need

Essential Oils of Choice, I used ones from this pack and these particular scents:

Warning: If you have pets, please note some of these oils may be considered harmful. Please ask your vet or do research about which oils are safe.

Distilled Water (any brand)

Vodka/Witch Hazel (any brand)

Amber Bottles with Nozzles

Larger Version of Amber Bottles with Nozzle (optional)

Gift Tags (optional)


Newspaper/Towel A hard surface to work on




About These Materials

Essential Oils

Essential oils will give that amazing fall holiday scent in your room spray. They are all natural and healthy compared to chemical oils for scents. When I buy essential oils I look for two things: quality and price point. When choosing essential oils, you want to make sure that they are quality grade. Check all descriptions before purchasing. This ensures that the oils you buy are naturally sourced and sate to use. I really love this starter pack of essential oils for a project like this. Since I use essential oils for almost everything – cleaning and health,

I want to make sure I’m getting enough bang for my buck. This pack was under $30 and came with a bunch of different ones that can be used for other scents! For the nutmeg, I bought this single bottle for use. If you want to make these as gifts, please consider getting larger sizes. And another thing about essential oils – each of them have different uses and effects.

Some oils may be irritating on the skin and harmful to pets and furniture. I don’t know too many specific, but please consider doing some research before hand and keep away from pets and children!

DIY Essential Oil Fall Room Spray | The Petite Bijou

The Alcohols

We will be mixing the oils with water to dilute the oils. But as we know, water and oil don’t mix so adding a carrier chemical will help everything mix together well. I read that Vodka is a great carrier chemical for these scents and will make them last longer. But I don’t really drink, so I refuse to buy Vodka just to make these room sprays. I used witch hazel instead. And since we’re only using a little witch hazel, the brand doesn’t matter.

Amber Bottles & Nozzles

Amber bottles are the best for these room sprays because they protect the essential oils and chemicals from exposure to sunlight. The amber bottles are also great because they look very lovely and expensive, when really they aren’t. I bought these set of bottles on Amazon and they are just PERFECT for gifting! This pack already came with nozzles and made the decision to buy much easier.

If you want just large spray bottles, these are great for room sprays or cleaning sprays.



DIY Essential Oil Fall Room Spray | The Petite Bijou

DIY Time

Step 1: Gather All Materials : Find a hard surface to work on. I love to do project on my kitchen island and set out some newspaper and a towel to catch any moisture that may spill over. I kind of just pour without measuring most of the times and having a protective layer on a stable surface is handy.

Step 2: Add A Layer of Alcohol: Drop one full tablespoon of your alcohol of choice into the amber bottle. Use a funnel or a dropper for direct insertion.

Step 3: Add Essential Oils: Use the following formula of drops as a guide. You can do this straight from the bottles, just make sure you aren’t spilling. Use gloves if you are sensitive to the oils. I created this scent accidentally by just dropping random oils in, so have fun and experiment!


Autumn Scent 

3 drops Sweet Orange + 2 drops Cinnamon Bark + 1 drop Nutmeg + 2 drops of Clary Sage


Step 4: Top Off With Distilled Water: Using a funnel, carefully top off with distilled water. I like to leave about a few centimeters from the neck of the bottle so there is no overspill. 

Step 5: Add Nozzle & Shake Well: With the nozzles that came with the package, screw one onto the amber bottle and shake, rattle, and roll! You want these scents to mix with the alcohol and water very well before you spray anywhere. I spent about 30 seconds rolling the bottle back and forth in my hands and then shook it gently before test spraying an area of the room. If you’d like to experiment with the scents a bit more, I suggest test spraying on an old rag you can throw in the laundry when you are done.

And you’re all done!

DIY Essential Oil Fall Room Spray | The Petite Bijou

The Final Product: A Beautiful, Sweet Smelling, Healthy Room Spray!

DIY Essential Oil Fall Room Spray | The Petite Bijou

What About Different Scents?

I love experimenting and so I highly suggest you get inspired by your favorite scents and try to recreate them on your own! Like I mentioned, I accidentally came up with the scent and I couldn’t be happier! The room smells like a mixture of Christmas and Halloween. It’s very festive and perfect for the holidays. That’s why I really love this starter pack for different ideas.




If you enjoyed this guide or have any questions, please share some love or ask away in the comments below! I’d love to know how this turned out for you! 


xo Mariam






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  1. Jessica wrote:

    This sounds so easy! Definitely going to try this at home!
    xo Jessica

    Posted 11.18.16 Reply
  2. Emily wrote:

    I’m clueless when it comes to essential oils, so I loved this post!

    Posted 11.14.16 Reply
  3. I have really wanted to try my hand at making my own. This sounds lovely. I love citrus scents.

    Posted 11.13.16 Reply
  4. Chelsea wrote:

    Such a great idea! I wonder if using vodka would actually make them smell like vodka though… because in that case, yuuuuck haha. I think I’ll stick to witch hazel!

    Posted 11.11.16 Reply
    • Mariam wrote:

      Hello Chelsea,

      From what I’ve heard, the essential oils completely mask the scent of the alcohol you choose. I just use witchhazel because of price and convenience.

      Posted 11.11.16 Reply
  5. Lee Anne wrote:

    This is so awesome! I love this idea, looks like my family is getting a bunch of awesome DIY essential oils for Christmas!

    Lee Anne

    Posted 11.11.16 Reply
  6. Witch hazel!? I’m loving that! Essential oils are truly so magical. I love how you catered to seasonal scents here. I’d love to make one of these and your presentation was so perfect! Such a great post 🙂

    Posted 11.11.16 Reply
  7. Oooh this would put me into the fall spirit 🙂 Smells are so important

    Posted 11.11.16 Reply
  8. Shannon wrote:

    Love this idea! Those scents are amazing together and will instantly make my studio apartment feel even more cozy and like home. I am def giving this a go, I think I have all of the ones you mentioned too already! xx Shannon

    Posted 11.11.16 Reply
  9. I so love essential oils. They do so much for any room or apartment. Great share

    Posted 11.10.16 Reply
  10. Mandy wrote:

    I haven’t used essential oils at all! This post was so interesting! Sounds like I need to give them a try!

    xoxo Mandy

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  11. Bailey wrote:

    ohh this looks amazing, I definitely need to try!

    Here’s The Skinny

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  12. Anna Cobbs wrote:

    OMG Thank you for sharing this!! Fall scents are my favorite and I will definitely be making this this weekend!

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  13. Willow wrote:

    This sounds like a great combo! I use an essential oil spray now , but like to change things up. Pinning this for later!

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  14. I love this idea for so many reasons. First, I hate using commercial sprays with a lot of toxic ingredients,. But, I LOVE the smell of Fall, so I will definitely make this spray for my own home. Secondly, this is going to make wonderful and unique gifts for the holiday!

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  15. Morgan Klein wrote:

    Ah these oils sound great. Def need to try!!!

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    This is such a great gift idea!!! I actually have my own lavender room spray but I got it in a kit. I will definitely take up your tips on making my own!

    Meghan |

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  17. Oh, I bet this makes such a great fall scent for the home! Love oils, but haven’t done much with making my own products. Might try this, though!!!

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  18. Sara wrote:

    Thank you for this DIY recipe!!! It sounds so yummy!

    xo, Sara

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  19. All those essential oils!!! Love them!

    Jenna from

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  20. Elle wrote:

    This is a great idea for a gift. I’m trying to stay on budget this year and my gift list keeps growing, so creating custom scents out of natural ingredients is an awesome and thoughtful idea! Thanks for sharing the helpful PDF, too, I’m excited to get started on these 🙂

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  21. Tahnee wrote:

    This is awesome I am addicted to my oils! What brand is this?

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  22. So easy and love that it’s natural! The perfect excuse I needed to buy some new essential oils to experiment with.

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  23. Alice wrote:

    This sounds like it smells heavenly! I need some fall scents in my home STAT!

    Alice at Lone Star Looking Glass

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    I’m always so interested in oils! Thanks for posting!

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    Love this post! I also make my own spray with grapefruit, peppermint and eucalyptus oils!

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  26. We love using essential oils in our home, what a great way to reap the benefits while enjoying a great fall scent!

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  27. Mollie wrote:

    Ah this sounds amazing, I need to try it!

    xx Mollie

    Posted 11.8.16 Reply
  28. ellie wrote:

    Essential oils are one of my favourite ways to make a room feel calm and nice to walk in to. I tend to use lavender and rose oils for stress-relief and relaxation.
    Great post!


    Posted 11.8.16 Reply
  29. Mary wrote:

    wow this looks so cool, what a great idea!

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  30. kasey wrote:

    This is great! I know what you mean, there are so many chimicals in normal air fresheners fom the store, making them is definitely the way to go!

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    This would be a great gift for the Holidays

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    Oh I love this! Thank you 🙂 Sweet Orange is my favorite; a go-to when I need a pick me up!

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    Ok this is awesome and I cant wait to try it. I am very aware of the health hazards of all the store-bought scented stuff but I love the way they smell!!! You’ve just solved my conundrum 😉 Thanks for this creative post!!

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    I love having a scented room. I have never thought of making my own though. I’m gonna try it when I next get the chance.

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    I love all of the scents on their own and am so excited to try them together!! Love how you did the diagram of the bottle with the breakdown of ingredients, that is SOOO helpful! Thanks for sharing!

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    Thanks for sharing,
    Kat | Delirium Style

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