Elegant Hats You’ll Want To Wear Everyday For Fall

The cooler weather of autumn makes us all want to dress up in our best sweaters, put on our booties, and stroll along beautiful fallen leaves with a coffee in hand. But as we get excited for the weather, we sometimes forget that the biggest accessory we can add to our outfits are hats! Not only are they statement pieces, but they also keep us warm from the chill of the wind. Don’y have a selection of fall hats? Here are some elegant hats you’ll want to wear everyday for fall to get you inspired!

Elegant Hats You'll Want To Wear Everyday In Fall | The Petite Bijou Lifestyle Blog


Choosing the right kind of hat for fall depends largely on your personal style and unfortunately, sometimes headship. For instance, beanies are quite hard for me to wear! So are baseball caps, visors, and even berets…yes, it’s very difficult for me to keep them on my head, no matter how many bobby pins it takes.

So hats are rather personal. But the nice thing is that you have a variety to choose from this fall! There are many hat types and styles you can wear to make your outfit just that more elegant.


Hats To Wear This Fall

1. Fedoras

Although some may call them outdated and only suited for men, Fedora’s are a perfect fall hat to wear! I have to disagree with the statement that they are old. They are not old, they’re timeless! Are they just for men? Absolutely not! Women can and should wear fedoras – they are very chic!

Choose fedoras in neutral colors like black, grey, and beige so that you can wear them with any of your fall outfits. My favorite color is beige, as it fits perfectly with the backdrop of orange and red leaves. Below are some choice picks for fedoras for fall!



2. Floppy Hats

Sometimes you don’t want the stiffness of a fedora but you want a hat that will be suitable for those chilly days. You still want to look elegant. That’s where a good floppy hat comes in. They’re great for fall and summer – and are a wonderful way to protect your face from the autumnal sun. Choose them in a variety of colors and styles of “floppiness”, as you may not like how low some may be. I highly encourage you to try on a few hats before picking a signature one for the season.




3. Bucket Hats

Reminiscent of the 1920’s and 30’s, bucket hats are a chic accessory for any lady who is ready for fall dressing. I always love to pair my bucket hats with a cute midi skirt and white blouse. Add a touch of pearls and you are ready for catching a train on your next adventure! I can’t tell you enough how elegant you will feel with a classic bucket hat! My styling tip? Add a hat pin, flowers, feathers, or brooches onto the hat for a very personalized and unique look. Shop some of my favorites fall fall below




4. Baker Boy or Fiddler Hats

Add a masculine touch to your outfit with a classic baker boy or also known as “fiddler” hat. They don’t provide the same type of warmth and coverage as the hats above, but they are very chic when added to outfits that are more “street style”, as these types of hats are very popular amongst that crowd. However on The Petite Bijou and our timeless way of styling, I suggest styling these types of hats with outfits that have jeans and blazers! Add a classic black loafer and you are ready for study hall or reading at a cafe. They can be very elegant when styled with the right clothing.




5. Berets

What can I say about the beret except that it’s probably the chicest yet most difficult hat to wear and style. Look too French and you’re over doing it. Wear it lopsided and the autumnal breeze just might carry it away. There’s an art to the beret. For first time beret wearers, avoid the cliche heret and stupid shirt look. Choose a neutral color, and watch plenty of Youtube tutorials on how to wear one. I would love to give you an example from myself, but I’ll admit that I am not very good at styling or wearing berets, They are just too oddly shaped for my already oddly shaped head!

However, if you are willing to give it a try, it just may work brilliantly. Here are some fall berets to shop from!




There are so many elegant hats for fall to choose from in this post! I know you will find a favorite. Which hat style do you prefer for autumn dressing? Let me know in the comments below

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