Favorite Autumn Forever 21 Finds

I believe the last time I had shopped at Forever 21 must have been when I was 21! And even then, I wasn’t too impressed with the selections they had.

The clothing and accessories seemed too childish and had a lot of graphics on things. Even then, I wanted to dress more elegantly and wanted to get past my former “Hollister tee shirt” days. So I simply stopped shopping there.

But recently, I thought it would be nice to give Forever 21 another try having had bought a lovely beige and pink purse from there which everyone I met loved! A lot of people couldn’t believe it was under $20 because it looked so expensive.

So this fall I went in stores and tried on a few things and ended up leaving with three wonderful pieces for fall, which you may have already seen in my outfit page.

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Bonjour Sweater // Plaid Crossbody Purse // Sweater Dress



The Bonjour sweater surprised me the most. Surely, anything graphic wouldn’t look nice, right? I was wrong and it fit quite nicely and had the right touch of trendy to add to my wardrobe. I would usually be 100% against anything with words on it since I like my wardrobe to be workplace friendly. But this sweater is fun to wear. Worn right, it can give off a very edgy but elegant vibe.

My suggestion would be to wear with high waisted jeans (this sweater is a bit crop) and white sneakers for a relaxed weekend look.

The plaid purse has been featured in my previous post here and has been my staple purse for quick errands. It looks lovely and I have gotten compliments on it as well. Forever 21 has their purse collection game on. It may fall apart next year (my other one fell apart in months), but it can be a very affordable but luxurious looking accessory to own.

The last thing that impressed me was this sweater dress, which one can never have too much of. Sweater dresses are both work wear and date night friendly. They look lovely with knee high boots and black tights for a mild autumn day. I hope they add more colors soon of this. This sweater dress was very comfortable.

I will definitely shop more from Forever 21. It’s grown on me quite a bit since they’ve rebranded to suit a larger demographic of people, especially those above 21. This just goes to show there’s nothing wrong with popping into stores you think might be too “young” or “trendy”. Just look at these finds!

What’s a store that has surprised you? Mine is definitely Forever 21 and Windsor. Leave yours in the comments below so we can all check it out.

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