Favorite Dresses From The Gal Meets Glam Collection

It’s finally here! The new Gal Meets Glam collection by blogger Julie Engel of galmeetsglam.com. I have been following Julia for over a year now and I am so impressed by how she has differentiated herself from the standard fashion blogging trends. Her new collection was just released online and in stores/online at Nordstroms!

Let me get honest here: I don’t get excited about dress collections. I’m a hard shopper. I don’t buy into trends too much. Instead, I focus on what is going to be timeless in my wardrobe.

“In 5 years from now, will this item still be good to wear?”


That is the question I ask myself whenever I decide to buy. Why? Because clothing shouldn’t be worn for only a season until it goes out of style. Clothes are an investment. And most of the dresses in this new collection have a classic cut and timeless style. Although I can’t speak to the quality until my order arrives, I’m willing to bet Julia has given a great deal of thought about what her consumers want.

Click through the dresses below to check out & shop the new collection!





What do you think? Is this collection something that inspires you? Leave your thoughts (and tell me which dress is your favorite) below!


Hint hint: if you purchase from this collection through Nordstrom, you always get free shipping. If you purchase through the galmeetsglam shop online, you have to spend over $175 to get free shipping. Some of these dresses are over that price point, but not all. I think we both know the better deal…


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