Why It’s Important To Find The Right Blogger Friends

If you asked me a few months ago if I ever thought I would be making friends online because of blogging, I would have said no.

First off – starting a blog was like mind-blowing to me. Never did I think I would want to start a blog or even aspire to become one of the best lifestyle blogs. But now I do, so hey! Cheers!

Secondly, I’ve had some terribly awkward experiences with meeting other bloggers or trying to become friends online. How awkward?

Imagine walking into a room of people who are glued to their phone. After you’ve introduced yourself to as many people as possible you sit there and watch them snap away and then there’s this awkward silence as everyone just plays with their phone. You leave an hour later, pretty sick and tired of seeing phones.

Or imagine thinking you’ve really found a great blogger buddy and you finally get a chance to get to know them better and it turns out horribly wrong. I’m talking:  stealing your content word for word, and idea for idea. Yeah… not cool

So when I met two blogger friends for the first time last weekend, I was incredibly moved to write this post. Having blogger friends that really get you isn’t easy. But I want you to have friends like these!

Finding Blogger Buddies

Meet Emily  (in front of me) and Devinne (behind me)

You Need People That Understand What Blogging Means To You

When I first started blogging, I told no one. And seeing as I had more acquaintances and work colleagues than I have friends, I didn’t really mind not telling anyone. But then it got super serious halfway through the year. I started gaining a large Instagram presence, people liked my funny tweets, and I was suddenly working with brands. The blogging breakthrough happened out of no where and I really appreciated it. My blogging adventures have opened up whole new doors and opportunities that I wouldn’t have otherwise. By the time it came to “announce” my blog to family and friends, everyone was like “Wow…ok, that’s different”.

It seems like a lot of bloggers friends and family don’t really understand what they do, and that’s ok. So it’s really nice to meet other bloggers that get it. They get the whole “no one to take my photos” problem. They understand the blogger talk like – seo, instagram algorithms, and affiliate marketing. Something a lot of our colleagues and acquaintances know very little about. The blogging world is lonely when you literally know no one that gets it.

Finding Blogger Buddies

It’s Nice Having Someone To Be Weird With

I don’t know about you, but the type of friends I want are the ones I can be completely 100% myself with – the ones that appreciate and understand my little quirks and many passions. Not just ones that tolerate it.

Yes, my blog is pretty chic and feminine – and so am I. But what you don’t really get to see is the everyday person behind the blog. When I’m not blogging I am:

  • A graduate student in Marketing
  • Collecting and repairing medical antiques (my house is literally a museum)
  • Reading 17th century manuscripts on medicine and English history
  • Doing yoga and ballet
  • Singing to myself like 99% of the time
  • Visiting many cultural attractions like museums and libraries
  • Experimenting with photography and darker moods and outfits
  • Running an Instagram account for my cats
  • Binge watching Doctor Who & British mysteries
  • Running my own social media marketing and VA business
  • Walking – long, long, long walks around the city

I don’t really go shopping regularly, read fashion magazines, watch regular TV, eat macaroons, or go cafe hopping. I own maybe like 5 pairs of shoes, 2 different coats, and like 1 nice designer purse. I’m not really a typical fashion blogger (whatever that means) and I would honestly rather bake cookies and be with my cat then go out and take pictures.

I’m a weird geeky chic introvert and I finally found two blogger gals that get it. When I first started talking to Devinne and Emily, I knew they were the type of gals that had their own passions too and also understood that having many passions, quirks, and interests is what makes us unique.

Finding Blogger Friends

Finding Blogger Buddies

Blogger Friends Support Each Other

Not only are all the other benefits I mentioned really important but so is the fact that blogger friends support each other. One of my favorite blogger friends is Amanda from Wet Hair Don’t Care. We met  a year ago and started having coffee with each other regularly since we both spend a lot of time downtown. When I was feeling really down and needed support, Amanda is always there. We regularly stay in touch and support one another when we can’t meet up.

The same goes for Devinne and Emily, who always leave lovely comments on my instagram and blog. The most favorite part of my day is when I can log on and head over to their accounts to give some love back! And it’s all done out of pure blogger love and appreciation – not because we feel like we need to just for the sake of engagement. Each of these ladies has an amazing twist on blogging and when we get into conversations it’s like our own little bubble of joy and support. I love it!

Finding Blogger Friends

Our Blogger Photo Shoot

Devinne, Emily, and I have been taking about getting together for a while now. And it was really great that we were all finally free on the weekend to get together. Emily and I traveled from Chicago to meet Devinne in Oak Park, the most magical little village ever. We took our photos at a beautiful Tudor style mansion. I was super excited to meet these lovely ladies and our photos turned out great!


Making Blogger Friends

What I Wore:


Do your family and friends understand and support your blogging journey? Who is your best blogging buddy? Leave a comment below and let’s chat! 

xo Mariam



A big thank you to Devinne and Emily for these amazing photos!



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  1. Ana wrote:

    I’m still new in the blogging world and I am so looking forward to meet and connect with other bloggers because to me they are the most fascinating people.

    Great post! Loving your blog so far.

    Posted 11.12.16 Reply
  2. Finding the right friends is so important!! I’ve been so blessed to be connected with amazing girls from the get go of my blogging life and I feel crazy grateful!

    Posted 11.11.16 Reply
  3. Haha. That first shot cracks me up! It’s so true that our community and support system are such an integral part of our success. Great post babe!

    Posted 11.8.16 Reply
  4. Nicole wrote:

    I love these photos, and it looks like you all had a great time together! My friends don’t really “get” my blog either, so I don’t talk to them about it, but fortunately my sister is a blogger too, and my mom is very supportive of it. That is so great that you have been able to find a few great blogger friends!
    The Artyologist

    Posted 11.6.16 Reply
  5. I am SO with you! I have made some of my closest friends blogging and also some enemies its a crazy world out there but I am so grateful for the amazing blogger friends I have made! They get it, they get why I am taking a photo of my food before I eat it and why if the perfect light comes I want a photo and I also get them to get a photo to and I also LOVE chatting all things social media and learning new tips and tricks! It is the best! Thanks for sharing and I am so happy you found some friends

    Courtney Bentley || http://www.courtneyvioletbentley.com

    Posted 11.5.16 Reply
  6. Alice wrote:

    I completely agree with everything you said! Blogger friends really are like no other, they totally get “it!”

    Alice at Lone Star Looking Glass

    Posted 11.4.16 Reply
  7. It is so nice to connect with good blogger friends!!
    Styled Adventures

    Posted 11.4.16 Reply
  8. L wrote:

    Couldn’t agree with you more!

    P.S. these pics are amazing!

    Posted 11.3.16 Reply
  9. Mary wrote:

    i totally agree on how important is to not only have blogger friends, but the right blogger friends who fit your style and align with your goals! I’m totally going to join the group!

    Posted 11.3.16 Reply
  10. Brooke wrote:

    Yes I love this & totally agree! Your pics of your squad are so cute! xx

    Posted 11.3.16 Reply
  11. You guys are great 😀 I loved the quirkiness of this post, I have yet to find any blogger friends. I’ve found most meetups/conversations awkward (like you stated at the beginning) but when something clicks, it just clicks, I think the key is not to force it.

    Posted 11.3.16 Reply
  12. Bailey wrote:

    this is so cute! I agree it is so important to have good blogger friends!

    Here’s The Skinny

    Posted 11.3.16 Reply
  13. Jenna wrote:

    So true!! It’s tough to find genuine people!!

    Jenna from http://www.visionsofvogue.com

    Posted 11.3.16 Reply
  14. Karen wrote:

    Love this post! I agree family and friends don’t always get it! Thanks for sharing!


    Posted 11.2.16 Reply
  15. Stefanie wrote:

    Squad goals! I totally understand how important it is to find blogger friends, and that’s something I wasn’t expecting at all when I started. There are definitely a few people that i call my ‘best friends’ even though I’ve met them once and they live in other states. Its great to have that understanding and support of other bloggers. You look gorgeous too by the way!

    Posted 11.2.16 Reply
  16. Lee wrote:

    These are SUCH cute photos! I am so jealous of your ~blogger squad~ haha. I recently met my first blogger friend (Lauren from the Chic Ethique) which has been so much fun! It is SO nice to have another blogger in real life you can talk to about anything especially blogging. I will admit, only a select few in my real life know about my blog.. I don’t know if I’ll ever share it with people I know!? I know it’s something I should be really proud of but I just don’t know what everyone’s reactions will be.

    Lee – leethrifts.com

    Posted 11.2.16 Reply
  17. Christie wrote:

    Yass, girl yasss! I attended my first bloggers meet last year and it was exactly how you described – people on their phones surrounded by awkward silence.. I’ve since met a few blogging buds who I really click with, but man did the experience scare me off at first aha. The blogging community is full of (mostly) friendly people with the obvious common interest; it’s jus about finding those you really get along (and can be weird) with. I’m so glad you’ve found some genuine blogging buddies; it really does make your experience that much better. 🙂

    Christie’s Take on Life. xx

    Posted 11.2.16 Reply
    • Christie wrote:

      PS I think I may just join this Blogger Crew of yours – sounds like an amazing community. 🙂 x

      Posted 11.2.16 Reply
  18. Brittany wrote:

    What a lovely post and congratulations on such growth in your blog! I understand what you mean about trying to the right blogging friends, especially online. I joined a group that was supposed to be supportive as we were all new bloggers. Instead, girls paired off that were “better” and didn’t respond to others that were still really green to everything blogging. Unfortunately I was and am super green to blogging so my experience was also pretty bad and it’s hard to put yourself out there, again. I’m so grateful for this post because it’s so positive and shows that not only did you find friends that understand and support you but lifelong friendships where you can all be goofy, fun, and enjoy each other!


    Posted 11.2.16 Reply
  19. Hi Mariam 🙂
    Really enjoyed reading your post and I agree, it is so important to have a community of bloggers that understand blogging and why we blog 🙂 I have that kind as well, and it really makes a huge difference in how I feel when I am blogging because I know there are people out there that understand why I do what I do 🙂 Thanks for sharing your awesome pictures of your “new” friends! Being a blogger is the best!

    Posted 11.2.16 Reply
  20. Crystal Marie wrote:

    Great post. I really appreciate the info. I’m a new blogger so this was very good to hear.

    Posted 11.2.16 Reply
  21. Mackenzie wrote:

    I loved reading this post! I agree, it is so so important to surround yourself with people who genuinely support you. I am still just starting out with my blog (started in late August, yay!) and totally understand keeping it quiet with your friends and family. I have mentioned it in passing once or twice, and my friends know my handle, but they don’t get it, and they tend to just make fun of me (no maliciously) when it comes up. It is really hard to try and figure out how to grow my blog in to what I’d like it to be when I don’t want to bother my friends and family with it.

    Luckily I have met a few ladies in my area that are either bloggers, or photographers who work with bloggers, and they totally get it! I’ve befriended one or two bigger bloggers that have been willing to help me out, and their advice and support has been so invaluable, I am seriously forever in their debt!

    I’m so glad you have found a group of ladies that provide all these things for you! Also Doctor Who is the best show ever, I may or may not have two cosplay outfits in my closet on standby for any and all Doctor Who events in the Seattle area…


    Posted 11.2.16 Reply
  22. I totally agree, none of my family or friends really get the blogging thing haha but I love my blogging friends and have been so grateful to meet a lot of them in person on my travels! Blogger buddies are so important!

    Rachel | The Confused Millennial

    Posted 11.2.16 Reply
  23. Maria wrote:

    Super fun! I’ve made a lot of friends through blogging so I can relate!

    Posted 11.2.16 Reply
  24. Girl. This is so perfect! It is SO hard to find the right blogger friends. I wrote about this a little in one of my posts saying that we don’t all have to be friends. Find the ones with similar values and interests because we’re not ALL meant to be friends even though we all have blogging in common!

    Posted 11.2.16 Reply
  25. Stesha wrote:

    people look at me so weirdly when I say “my blog friend” but hey guess what…. its awesome! I love meeting so many friends who share the same passion as I do. Plus they “get it!”

    great post!


    Posted 11.2.16 Reply
  26. Laura Vila wrote:

    Squad goals! haha so cute! I totally agree, supportive friends are a must!

    Posted 11.2.16 Reply
  27. Amy wrote:

    This is awesome! Nice to know the backstory of this group. I never knew about facebook blogger groups until I got serious about blogging and began searching fellow bloggers out. It’s truly been the best experience and motivator (and support system!) PS – your photos are awesome!

    Posted 11.2.16 Reply
  28. Sara wrote:

    I love this! I am a year and a half in and I still haven’t found that yet, but hopefully someday!

    Posted 11.2.16 Reply
    • Mariam wrote:

      Hello Sara,

      Thank you so much for checking out this post! It’s definitely ok if you haven’t found this yet. Like I said, it isn’t easy or fair sometimes. It took me a long time to find some really great buddies too. Why don’t you check out The Blogger Crew in the link above? We’d love to have you!


      Posted 11.2.16 Reply
  29. Ariel wrote:

    oh I love this!!!! I want to join!! I need motivation and yes, someone who gets it. My fiance reads my blogs and likes my pictures, he even photographs for me. He doesn’t however, hit the screen to focus it, or make sure the lighting is good. Not because he doesn’t care, or doesn’t want to support me, but because he has no idea what I need. And I feel bad telling him I dont like his pictures lol I am so happy you found blog friends. Good job, Mariam!! xox Ariel

    Posted 11.2.16 Reply
    • Mariam wrote:


      You should totally join in on the fun!! The important thing is that so many people in the blogosphere would be willing to help you, us included! I definitely understand what you mean about the photos but I am happy to hear that he supports you by reading your blog and trying! Why don’t you share a few photography articles with him or maybe have a fun practice session with things he likes? He can practice taking photographs or things he likes that are still photos and work his way up. That way he gets to learn while also focusing on a subject matter that might be easier for him to photograph at first? I’ll be sharing a new photography guide in a few weeks. I’ll send it your way first when it’s ready!

      xo Mariam

      Posted 11.2.16 Reply