How to Improve Your Body and Mind One Meal at a Time

Healthy food recipes and tips from Dr. Mark Hyman.

What the heck should I eat?

That’s the question we all have with news of shady food business practices, harmful additives, and the rise of diseases like cancer, alzheimers, and dementia.

I’m not sure about you, but I have an inkling suspicion that our food is the answer but also our downfall. What the heck do we eat when almost everything is dangerous for us? How do we trust packaging when companies are not held accountable for listing ingredients?

Well, I have the answer for you – and it comes in the form of Dr. Mark Hyman’s new book, Food: What the Heck Should I Eat?

This book was life changing for me. I have learned exactly the best foods and supplements to eat that are not only healthy, but help fight certain types of health conditions I’ve been having.

What Food: What the Heck Should I Eat has done for me:

  • Helped me stop by sugar cravings
  • Made me a super sleuth about finding true organic food
  • Helped me find out which foods I was sensitive to
  • Get rid of my acne that was triggered by food
  • Saved me money on healthy groceries
  • Helped me get relatives and friends to eat healthy while battling an illness

Click here to read Food: What the Heck Should I Eat?

Food: What the Heck Should I Eat? by Dr. Mark Hyman

My relationship with food….

My relationship with food has always been complicated growing up. I was born premature and have always been below the average weight of children my age.

On top of my predestined health, I grew up in a family where food was a tool of competition, guilt, and control. Without going into too much detail, my family came from separate parts of the world and had their own food culture which was thrust on me at a young age.  And they would use food as a form of bitter competitiveness between them. At age 8, this was just a tiny glimpse of what an unsuccessful marriage looked like – and I already knew it wasn’t going to work.

I will write a more open post about my food journey next, as a lot of these childhood issues with food stemmed from actions not of my own. You become who you surround yourself with – so be careful and always know that you have the ability to change your destiny.

I ate like crap and felt like it too. My skin was raging with acne as a teen because of the food my family ate: full of hormones, additives, and oils. No dermatologist was able to help me.

All that changed when I started cooking my own food. And especially after my illness, I knew I needed to take charge of my life and buy food that was truly healthy. If other people wanted to stick to what they knew, fine. But I decided a very long time ago I would not be a slave to my past food issues.

All of that changed when I read Food: What the Heck Do I Eat?

Click here to read Food: What the Heck Should I Eat?



Why you need this book

If you want to take control of your diet and health, you need this book.

Food: What the Heck Should I Eat is perfect for anyone who wants to eat the right foods for their body and health conditions, eat foods that are organic and additive free, and for those who want to learn about the secret practices of food and medical companies who promote “healthy” things.

Here’s a secret: we’re being lied to and Dr. Hyman has the research to back it up.

I got both the print and audio version so I could read and listen to this while traveling or working from home. It was an experience – I would look for snacks, remember what Dr. Mark said, and choose the best option for me. This evaluation experience really helped me cut my sugar addiction!

This book also helped me become a super shopper. I would point out all the harmful things I learned about in the packaging of foods. One day, I even got someone who overheard my conversation put back a frozen pizza! The information is THAT life changing.

Food: What The Heck Do I Eat by Dr. Mark Hyman

You can still enjoy food while being healthy…

Healthy food being gross is definitely a myth I once believed.

“It tastes of nothing!” I used to exclaim while trying to eat vegan food. Thankfully, Dr. Hyman is all for the Pegan diet = paleo + vegan. I don’t have to sacrifice some of the foods I love (like poultry or meat) to be healthy.

Food: What the Heck Should I Eat not only gives healthy alternatives, but when you get the book you’ll also get access product and food recommendations and  to Dr. Mark’s mailing list and website which contains so many healthy recipes!

Dr. Hyman doesn’t just give you this information and leave – he gives you all the resources you need to start your detox and change your life. Not bad for under $30!

Click here to read Food: What the Heck Should I Eat?

Change your life, one meal at a time

Since reading this book, I’ve given many copies away as presents to friends and family members. I truly believe it is life changing. I want those around me to live long, healthy, and happy lives. And that starts with them taking control of their health and mindset. The best way to do that is through food and that is what Dr. Hyman has taught us all.

And if you’re interested in his book, you’ll love his podcasts too: House Call with Dr. Mark Hyman, Broken Brain Podcast, and The Doctor’s Farmacy. Dr. Mark has been able to heal himself and thousands of other patients just through food.

What do you have to lose? Check out the book here.

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