How To French-ify Your Outfit

Forget ‘He went to Jared’s’ – find a man who gets you a nice pair of blue jeans!(Actually, find a few men – that’s what a French woman would do).

Emulating French style does not require going out to buy an entirely new wardrobe! Because les françaises create their signature style by drawing from basic pieces in a neutral color palette, it’s fantastically easy to reinterpret the clothes you already own to get that European look.

How To French-ify Your Outfit

Outfit Details: Blazer // White Tee Shirt // Jeans // Flats // Sunglasses



The Daily French Uniform

When I was living in Paris, I could only bring one suitcase with me (thanks, Delta…), so I had to work with what could fit into that suitcase. As the saying goes, it’s better to look good everyday than different, so I worked out a daily uniform to maximize my style options from a limited clothing selection.

The uniform base: a pair of tapered, slim-fit, dark-wash jeans and a white or black shirt. On top of that, a grey/navy/black blazer, tan/black leather dress shoes, and – last but not least – a scarf (duh).

The jeans and t-shirt combo is quite casual, so the dress shoes elevate your look. A blazer can easily read as stuffy, so rolling up the sleeves makes it ‘everyday’. Since the outfit is mainly navy and neutrals, the tan leather dress shoes act as a pop of color and shine!


How To French-ify Your Outfit


Blazers & More

French women are much more into wearing blazers than American women; an oversized blazer with cuffed sleeves (think of it as the ‘boyfriend jean’ but for blazers), tailored jean, and heel is a quintessential French look. Don’t let the heels confuse you – this look is definitely ‘everyday’ for French women! While heels are elevated, the oversized blazer has that throw-it- on-and- go vibe to balance out the outfit.

And if you don’t own a blazer, steal an old one from your dad, grandpa, or boyfriend! Shout out to free things!

It’s also très chic (#sorrynotsorry about the cliché French words) to pull your Canadian Tuxedo out of the closet and pair your jeans with a chambray button-up.

Trend alert: make sure your button-up is slightly oversized and then loosely tuck in the shirt and cuff the sleeves.

Chambray Shirt

Emulate, don’t copy!

Wearing dark denim jeans also allows you to play with different patterns and silhouettes for your top! As you’re looking through your closet, remember that balance is key! Seek out less trendy and more timeless tops that add interest to the outfit. Don’t forget that the aim of this is to emulate French style, not copy it! Infuse your own personality into this interpretation and stick to what you’re comfortable with!

Drawing inspiration from the Parisians, start your French-inspired outfit with your favorite pair of jeans and go from there! Slightly oversized blouses and blazers convey an effortless vibe while a sleek heel (or boot/sneaker) elevates your look!




How many different ways can you pair your jeans to create the perfect French-inspired look?



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  1. Makayla M. wrote:

    Looove french style!! You look so cute!

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  2. kasey wrote:

    I totally agree! A good pair of jeans is the best!

    Posted 5.30.17 Reply
  3. Brooke wrote:

    That is amazing that you were able to live out of one suitcase and remix your looks. I love how simple French style is. Thanks for sharing some tips.

    Brooke ||

    Posted 5.30.17 Reply
  4. Liz wrote:

    I love that blazer! Hope you’re enjoying your weekend!


    Posted 5.29.17 Reply
  5. LOVE the chambray. So classic
    Mindy I http://WWW.AMIXOFMIN.COM

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  6. Megan wrote:

    I love this post because I’m up SAST with everything French. I studied abroad in Paris in college and have been back and absolutely love it. I would love to live there.

    Posted 5.29.17 Reply
  7. Maggie wrote:

    Love this classic look!

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  8. Lindsay wrote:

    Great tips! Love the blazer always makes you look put together.

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    omg I love that chambray! I always like my button downs lightly oversized!

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  12. Molly | Miss Molly Moon wrote:

    These are such great tips! I love a good oversized button-down. So comfy + chic!

    Molly // Miss Molly Moon

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  13. Adaleta wrote:

    Okay I just loved this post, how fun and cute!

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  14. Tif wrote:

    Love this advice! I especially love mixing price points to make the perfect outfit!


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  15. adriana wrote:

    These tips are so fun! I love chambray tops, they can be styled so many ways!

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  16. Jenna wrote:

    Love the french inspo lady!

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    I love Parisian style! It’s so chic and classic.



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  18. I love this look! So classic and chic!

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    Oh I love these tips! I definitely need to start wearing more blazers. So Parisian and chic!


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  20. Kimberly wrote:

    Such great advice – keeping it simple & classic is always a chic solution!

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    Agreed! And these are great tips! So fun to give a look a Parisian twist!
    XOXO, Cassie Rea

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  23. Katey wrote:

    Blazers always create such a chic look! I love the gold detailing on your jacket!
    Happy Weekend!

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  24. I love wearing blazers and always find myself throwing them on with jeans. I love how classic yet chic this look is!

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  25. Alex wrote:

    Brilliant ideas! I love adding in a little play on color with a striped tee. I always feel so Parisian when I wear it with jeans and flats.

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  26. Anastasia wrote:

    Loved the blazer! It definitely takes the look to another level.

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    I love how the addition of a blazer just simplifies everything. The french always look so chic!
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    I love French fashion so this is right up my alley. Such a great blazer!


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    Love the idea of giving your closet some french inspiration!

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    I love the addition of a blazer – totally agree! Hope you have a great, long weekend! XO

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