Get the Look: Ms. Fisher’s Modern Murder Mysteries

It’s no surprise that I am endlessly inspired by things from the past.

Just take a look at any of the blog posts here at The Petite Bijou and you’ll see some sort of connection to history and past eras.

It’s just part of being timeless and looking for inspiration from all sources.

One of my favorite ways to get fashion inspiration is from television shows set in the past. Why? Because it’s likely the costume designer already did some background research on the era and how people dressed. When you’re producing something set in the past, it needs to be accurate. You can get some pretty great style ideas from your favorite period dramas, comedies, and mysteries.

Well that’s where Acorn TV comes in and you know I’m a huge fan! Currently my fashion inspiration is turning to the 60s with. The original was set in the 1920s and that was amazing for different textures in fashion. But this new series is set in the 60s and featuring Peregrine Fisher, Frannie Fisher’s niece.

Peregrine is the ultimate MOD girl. She has amazing style (like her aunt had) and is just as clever and adventurous. Here are some tips on how to get her style and also some “get the outfits” that you can shop directly from the blog!

ThePetiteBijou 60s vibe

ThePetiteBijou 60s vibe

ThePetiteBijou 60s vibe




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Tips for Dressing Like Peregrine Fisher from Ms. Fisher’s Modern Murder Mysteries


1. Embrace Bolder Colors

Purples, greens, yellows, and reds. These are all colors to embrace if you’re going for a more 60s look. Make sure they are bold and it’s ok if you pair them together. Peregrine does a lovely job of this in the first episodes where she is wearing the cutest purple shorts with a green tank top. Today we are very primed to stay neutral to be classic, but that’s not always the case.


2. Embrace Patterns

Stripes, blocks, leopard, polka dots. These are classic 60s themed prints that are always very timeless. Whether you choose them in bold colors or not, you will always look very put together. My suggestion to you is if you are petite, keep the prints smaller. If you are not petite, use larger prints. So this means small polka dots versus larger polka dots, etc. You can see a few examples of how Peregrine wore prints in the “get the looks” below.

3. Make the Makeup Round

Whereas the original Ms. Fisher relied on making the eyeshadow dark and everything slim, this modern day look by her niece is all about rounding things: round eyes, rounder eyebrows, round cheeks with blush, etc. I tried my best to do a 60s makeup look by making the crease in my shadow very dark and rounding my eyes with eyeliner. The best tip I can give you? Use an eyeshadow color that pops. Peregrine has blue eyeshadow and it looks amazing.




4. It’s All About Shapes

If you want to be true to 60s style, play with the different silhouettes you own: sheath, fit and flare, etc. For a more bohemian vibe, try flowy fabrics and shapes. For a more Peregrine look, try sheath or A Line dresses. Just play around and often! Women back then did not stick to one specific style all the time. Fashion was every changing and they tried all the latest designs from Paris as they came on the market.

5. Let Your Hair Down & Put A Headband In It

The classic 60’s look? Hair down, bangs cut, and a groovy headband in. Peregrine does this in a few episodes and she looks fantastic. I personally don’t like headbands so I rocked the hair down and just got my bangs cut! When you put it all together, it really does make you look more retro. I got so many compliments on how vintage this outfit was even though everything I was wearing was completely modern. I have to imagine my hair being cut made all the difference.

ThePetiteBijou 60s vibe

ThePetiteBijou 60s vibe


Get Peregrine Fisher’s Looks

To shop any of these looks, simply click the image of the item you wish to view or purchase











Which of those looks is your favorite? I personally love look number 2! It’s very modern and I see so many people wearing outfits like this in the summer. Please leave your vote below!


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