Get the Look: Murdoch Mysteries

Do you think you’d make a great detective? 

I know I would. Not only because I’m solving crimes in my head whenever I watch my favorite show, Murdoch Mysteries. But also because I like to hunt down products to achieve specific aesthetics for my wardrobe.

And I am ALL about that Murdoch aesthetic…

The show has amazing costumes from the Victorian and Edwardian. Who doesn’t want to dress up like Dr. Ogden or accessorize like Ruth Nussom?

So this post will be giving you tips and tricks on how to “Get the Look” for our favorite Murdoch Mystery women and also give you modern outfit recreations so you can dress up like your favorite character while still being trendy!

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Murdoch Mysteries: Get The Look


Styling Tips From Your Favorite Murdoch Mystery Characters:

Here are some styling and accessorizing tips based on character wardrobes from the series Murdoch Mysteries. These tips are good to remember when you are going shopping or are going through your closet to create a more historical based or inspired wardrobe.


Murdoch Mysteries: Get The Look


1. Neutral Is Always In

Dr. Julia Ogden knows a thing or two about everyday style and that is that neutral is always in. Whether you’re wearing beige, white, black, or grey – any combination of these colors is perfect for the everyday hustle and bustle of life. Neutral based outfits are always easy to put together in a hurry and are perfect for a capsule wardrobe where you have 10-15 pieces on rotation. If Julia was a real person during that time period, she would have MOST definitely re-worn the same pieces over and over.


Murdoch Mysteries: Get The Look


2. Invest In Prints

Rebecca James knows how to pull of prints magnificently! Get inspired with prints in the autumn and winter seasons. Plaid is great for the colder temperatures while Gingham is perfect for spring and summer. One of my favorite dress lines that incorporates classic prints and beautiful cuts is the Gal Meets Glam collection. For example, this dress is a perfect fit for a Murdoch character, don’t you think?


Murdoch Mysteries: Get The Look


3. Find New Ways to Accessorize

Jewelry is a wonderful way to accessorize, but think outside of the box: purses, clutches, gloves, hats, fascinators, and umbrellas are perfectly ladylike accessories that are not only Murdoch approved, but also making a comeback! Thanks to influencers like the Royal Family, more and more women are purchasing unique fascinators, gloves, and umbrellas to make their elegant mark in everyday style. My favorite places to get unique accessories are online shop like Nordstrom or Modcloth (more vintage focused)


Murdoch Mysteries: Get The Look

4. Kimonos and Wraps Make Great Statements Too

Ruth takes floral wraps to a whole new level. It’s a great way to stay warm on chilly walks by the lake or even just lounging around the house. Try colorful patterns and prints with your kimono or wrap and don’t be afraid of looking matronly. It’s a beautiful look and Ruth makes the style young and fresh with pops of pink and orange.


Murdoch Mysteries: Get The Look

Get The Look: Murdoch Mysteries Outfits

Below are some modern takes of classic Murdoch Mysteries inspired outfits for fans of the show! If you haven’t watched the show yet, you definitely need to check it out. Sign up for a free trial using code: thepetitebijou

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To shop the outfits you see below, you can actually just click the product you want to view inside the collage! This is an interactive post. It will take you straight to the retailer in a different browser.














My Own Take on “Modern Murdoch”

I absolutely love trying my hand at recreating or getting inspired by characters in my favorite films and movies. I’m by no means a cosplayer though, just someone who likes to dress up and incorporate history into my modern wardrobe. I think the best kind of capsule wardrobe still has a personal touch added to it: a favorite color, texture, or an era.

Adding Victorian to my wardrobe is easy when you know the right kinds of pieces to look for. Lace, tweed, darker and richer tones all help in recreating a “historic” interpretation. Below is my modern take on Dr. Julia Ogden’s wardrobe.

Get the Look: Murdoch Mysteries

Get the Look: Murdoch Mysteries

Get the Look: Murdoch Mysteries

Get the Look: Murdoch Mysteries

Blouse: sold out but similar here and here // Jeans // Sunglasses //  Booties: sold out but similar here


I think Dr. Julia Ogden (and pretty much any character) would be wearing denim now – it’s a great way to style this Victorian-esque blouse! High waisted jeans create a taller silhouette when there’s a blouse tucked in. I also styled this look with a vest that is unfortunately sold out (it was a Nordstrom buy several years ago) but it fits the aesthetic of a city morgue coroner, don’t you think? 


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