How I’m Diving Into Adventure This Summer Through Reading

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Summer is not only for dreamers but also for readers.

Summer is when most people have time to read their favorite books. It’s a perfect time to escape to not only physical adventures but also on adventures through stories. One of my favorite summer memories growing up was reading an entire series during the months of summer break. I would eagerly wait by the door the morning they arrived, open the package, and go read my books outside. They took me away on many adventures as I enjoyed the fresh air and warm weather.

When I became visually impaired as a senior in high school, I could no longer be a physical book reader. The font in most books became too small for me to read. That summer was miserable. I felt lonely without my books. But all of that changed once I discovered Kindle.

With a Kindle, I was able to change the display to increase or dim the screen brightness and change the font size to one I could read. For someone who is visually impaired, I can truly say that Kindle changed my life. I haven’t stopped using my Kindle since.

This summer I am celebrating good books and good adventures! Because of my health issues, I am planning to spend quite a lot of time by the sea (fingers crossed) and the lake right here in my beautiful city of Chicago. The breezes carry away the pollen and pollution, and I can spend some time listening to the sound of waves crashing as I dive into a good book. To me, there’s nothing more relaxing than reading outdoors.

Reading with Kindle - The Petite Bijou

Reading with Kindle - The Petite Bijou

Reading with Kindle - The Petite Bijou

Now, it does get quite bright during the summer when you’re sitting outdoors. Even under a good umbrella and wearing sunglasses, it’s hard to see the contrast on a plain paper book (more so for me with my visual impairment). No umbrella can help with that problem. However, if you have the all new Kindle, as I mentioned previously, you can adjust the brightness of the screen to your comfort level.

Another feature that is quite helpful is the weight of the Kindle. Some physical books can be heavy or awkward to hold. No one wants sore arms during vacation! There’s fun to be had and sore muscles are not enjoyable. For me, the new lightweight design of Kindle is perfect for my carpal tunnel. An additional plus to this new design? It fits in a regular purse. No need to carry physical books. Heading out to the beach to read has never been easier.

Reading with Kindle - The Petite Bijou

Reading with Kindle - The Petite Bijou

Now, that’s not to say physical books aren’t a good thing. But they do take up space, especially if you are reading while traveling or on vacation. Plus, Kindle is cost effective. When you use the Kindle Unlimited subscription, you can enjoy and borrow as many books as you want from a selection of millions of titles. When you get a new Kindle, you can enjoy the Kindle Unlimited subscription for free for 3 months. After your 3 months are finished, the subscription costs just $9.99 per month.

I have been using this subscription service for 2 years now! It was a blessing – I borrowed many of my graduate school books via the Kindle Unlimited subscription. It saved me a lot of money during graduate school (school books are not cheap). I will definitely be borrowing some books for my seaside summer adventures.

Reading outdoors has its many benefits: fresh air, vitamin D from the sun, and sights and sounds to help you have a more amplified sensory experience. I plan on doing a lot of reading at the beaches I plan on visiting: Oak Street Beach, the Indiana Dunes, and hopefully a trip to Miami to enjoy South Beach and some ocean air. I’ll be packing my beach purse with sparkling water, some fresh fruit, sunscreen, and of course, my Kindle. I won’t just be having a physical adventure, but also an adventure in reading. I have a list of books I want to finish by the end of summer.

Reading with Kindle - The Petite Bijou

Reading with Kindle - The Petite Bijou


What are some of the books you plan on reading and where? I’d love to know! And do you also use a Kindle for your reading enjoyment? Has it impacted you in the same way it impacted me? Leave your comment below and let me know!

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  1. Briana wrote:

    I really enjoyed your unique perspective on this topic/post, as well as the very helpful tip about using Kindle for grad school books. I’m so excited about my summer reading list this year! I’m lucky to live by the beach, so I’ll be reading there, by the pool, in the backyard, and on a little trip to Savannah, Georgia. 🙂

    briana |

    Posted 6.8.19 Reply
    • Mariam wrote:

      Hi Briana,

      Many thanks for your kind comment! I am so happy to hear that you are excited about summer reading as well. Your trip to Savannah sounds lovely! Maybe a historical fiction book for your trip?

      Enjoy and many thanks,


      Posted 6.9.19 Reply