How To Choose The Right Earrings For You

Valentines day is coming up and that means we’re all planning our best outfits. But planning ahead shouldn’t just be for a special occasion. You should make sure all your clothing and accessories suit you no matter what time of year it is! There are so many styles, colors, and materials.

How do you choose the right earrings for you?

It may seem like an easy question – you, of course, probably have a favorite type of style, don’t you? Or maybe you know you want gold instead of silver. Long earrings instead of studs.

Whatever your preference, here’s some tips on choosing the right earrings for the right outfits and different social situations.

Maybe you’ll even find your next pair of date night earrings!

Stud Earrings

Stud earrings are always a classic choice, because you can’t go wrong with them. They universally look good on everyone. They are appropriate for most occasions. And they’re small enough to make looking chic easy and effortless. Let’s face it, it takes no time to put them on and your hair won’t get caught up in them.

My favorite studs are cubic zirconia. You can choose to wear a classic pair of pearl or diamond studs (if you can afford them). However, because they can get lost easily, I do choose to prefer cubic zirconia. They’re inexpensive and look great. I get all my stud earrings at Nordstrom, but here are some choice selections.




Hoop Earrings

Hoops are back. They’re everywhere and on everyone. Hoops bring some attitude to your outfit and are a fun choice. However, hoops are not earrings you’d wear or leave on at the gym, or to a funeral. Business meetings might be ok, deepening on the company culture and dress code. I personally love hoops, but I can’t wear the bigger ones (I wish I could, but my ears are tiny).

The hoop earrings featured in the image above are these. I love them because they are mini hoops and don’t weigh a thing! The only downside to these pavé mini earrings are that they can be tricky to put on depending on your piercing.

Do take into account your whole outfit and your hair style. Hoops look great on hair that is up!




Drop Earrings

Feathers, rope, pearls, or diamonds, drop earrings are a fun way to express yourself. Depending on length, they’re pretty much universally flattering. Where you can wear them again depends on your own personal situation. But my advice? Have at least a few fun drop earrings for date nights and special occasions. Maybe one fun colored pair, one diamond, one pearl?

These are the type of earrings I own the most of. Mine are very….Tudor inspired (pictured above and similar here) so they almost always have a pearl element.

Here are a few drop earrings in a variety of shapes and sizes and suit many different occasions. Again, my favorite place for earrings is Nordstrom, but I adore cute and dazzling inexpensive earrings from Francescas! They do drop earrings like no one else.




Crawler Earrings

Crawlers are a fun new modern take on classic earrings. What they do is appear to “crawl” up your ear. They are so much fun! I personally ordered these leaf crawlers from Etsy (similar here) after a love affair with gardening last summer. I wanted leaf earrings, leaf rings, leaf necklaces. You can wear crawlers anywhere but I do highly recommend getting a flashy set of ear crawlers for special events, especially paired with a bold or romantic outfit. Just stay away from flashy crawlers for more somber occasions or serious business meetings. Stick to studs for those.





Mariam’s Style Tip for Earrings

There are many different types of earrings to choose from but my “capsule” wardrobe advice is to keep your clothing neutral and minimal but up the accessory game! So aim for 2-3 earrings in each earring category/type. That way you can always dress up an outfit and dazzle with a new accessory.



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