How to Create A Schedule With Balance

I don’t consider myself a master of “balance” but I do think that I have a very strong perseverance trait.

The long term vision for me, is really important. And that’s something I have to schedule in.

You may remember this post where I described the most perfect planner ever? Well my yearly planner ran out of pages and this year I was left with no planner. Actually, the long space available to write down ALL the to do’s was a bit overwhelming. One thing I learned from the Day Designr was that you should learn to focus not he most import tasks (hence, their “top 3” section)

But the planner wasn’t helping me anymore – perhaps my mindset and perspective changed. What I needed was a way to schedule in my golf without overwhelming myself with the “micro” – or minuscule details needed to reach that goal. Also, my motivation to stay on top of my goals are from watching the people in my life not go after theirs.

Someone takes up cooking, then gives up. Another person plans to write a book but doesn’t pick up a pen…it’s so sad when you cheer people on and see they want to go after something, but then they don’t.

I don’t want to ever end up like that.

Over the past year, I’ve developed a new daily schedule to work on creating more balance while also prioritizing tasks. So I wanted to share with you how I prioritize my day and make sure I’m getting rid of things that don’t serve me.

My daily schedule | The Petite Bijou


My daily schedule | The Petite Bijou

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Pick A Main Weekly Goal

First, you need to work towards your BIG goals: each healthy, get a promotion, pay down debt, etc.

Before you begin anything else, you should know that forming habits takes a few days, 21 actually. So you need to a task several times before it becomes a daily habit.

Let’s say overall big picture goal is to write more. Well, that’s pretty vague, but let’s say that by writing everyday, I am in fact, writing more.

So we have to schedule this in. Whether its a top priority for the day or not, writing it down on a daily planner for the whole week will make sure you don’t forget to do it.

My overall goal is definitely writing more, but specifically writing more blog posts. So my daily is goal is to write one blog post everyday this week. Before I even put in appointments, meetings, and shopping lists, I write this down for everyday.


Stop Overwhelming Yourself With To-Do Lists

Guilty as charged!

I used to be someone who would break down big goals into mini goals, and mini goals into microscopic goals. An axample is as follows:

Goal: Clean Bathroom

Mini goals: Clean counters, clean tub, clean sink, clean toilet, wipe down mirrors, wipe down handles, vacuum, wash floors, put new towels, pit new bath rug.

Is writing all that down necessary? It certainly helps to know what steps you need to take – but image seeing this whole list with bullet points on your calendar. You’d probably sigh and find it overwhelming.

I no longer make “lists” and limit myself to 5 important things to do. The rest doesn’t have to be scheduled. And not everything is the same priority


Big Things First, Then Rest

My favorite way to create balance is to just make sure I accomplish one of the most important goals first thing in the morning. Then I rest – and no that doesn’t mean go back to sleep or put on Netflix. It means that I don’t move on to the next most important thing right away.

Give yourself some time to decompress – you’ve just finished an important task. You are not a computer. You are not a robot. You don’t NEED to move onto bigger and better things right away.

Rest, wait an hour doing mini chores, then do the next big task.


What Doesn’t Serve You, Shouldn’t Be Done

This is a personal lesson that I realized was preventing me from accomplishing my own tasks. Just last week I had penciled in a blogger event I wanted to attend. It was a shopping event, which meant that you could browse dresses, meet a big influencer, and take a photo with your newly purchased dresses.

Well, here’s the thing, I didn’t have any money to spend. And for weeks I’ve been complaining that “I don’t spend enough time writing and doing my own photos”

I penciled that event in because I thought that being around other bloggers might be fun and meeting this bigger blogger may help me network better. That day finally came and I was putting on my makeup when I realized that it shouldn’t be so I can go to an event that didn’t serve a purpose for me. I should be doing my photoshoot for the blog. I should have been writing.

Would networking with this blogger benefit me? Not as much as writing my own posts.

You see, it’s all great to put effort into something you think is helpful…but if it really doesn’t serve a purpose, why are you allowing it time of day in your already busy life?

Does “Netflix” all day serve your bigger purpose in life? It’s sure enjoyable, but no, it’s not a priority.

Find what serves you best and forget the rest. The way I think of it – we have precious time…we should use it wisely.


What do you think of my tips for creating more balance in your daily schedule? I know they’re small tips but they do have big impact. if you have anything you’d recommend for me and my readers, please let me know in a comment below.

Many thanks,



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  1. Vickie wrote:

    What doesn’t serve you shouldn’t be done. I like that concept because it establishes healthy boundaries. I think having a purpose for the things you schedule into your life helps clear out less important things. Thank you for that lesson.

    Posted 10.28.19 Reply
  2. Anna wrote:

    I love your planner. You are so beautiful! you have great posts.

    Posted 4.6.19 Reply