How To Create Vision Boards For Your Life

Have you ever dreamt of the life you want?

Have you ever laid in bed thinking about all the wonderful situations you might find yourself in? You replay how you’d answer the question “so what do you do?”. You have your dream answer…but that’s all it is, a dream.

Because your mind starts telling you all the reasons why it’s not going to happen.

You’ll never get that promotion, that relationship, that wonderful big house, that healing…

The thing is, our brain likes to tell us how badly we’ll fail, how we’ll never get our dreams, how we’ll always stay in the same position. That’s why successful people learn to override what their brain says and they focus on getting their vision to come to life.

You can program your mind to focus on the vision and override the negativity. And here’s a very simple way to do it: vision boards

You have hopes and dreams. Manifest them with the use of vision boards. Here is a creative tutorial for you to create a vision board for your life! Click through to check it out | The Petite Bijou

What Are Vision Boards?

Vision boards are exactly that, boards that show your hopes, dreams, and big visions for your life. They are your dreams personified and imagined via imagery. Simply put, vision boards have pictures showing what your ideal life looks like.

Have visions of being a millionaire? Then perhaps your vision board contains images of a big house, physical money, a new car, a charitable organization with your name on it.

Have visions of having three children? Maybe your vision board contains images of children clothing, baby shoes, or a newborns feet.

Vision boards contain images of our most desired dreams and visions of our life. And by seeing your visions in front of you, you are more likely to be motivated to get to those goals.

Call if manifestation or motivation, vision boards can truly inspire you to reach for your dream life by constantly having those images in front of you to override those negative thoughts your brain thinks of.

How To Create A Vision Board

Want to create a vision board so that you can go after your dreams? Here are a few things you’ll need:





A note about the images you choose: You can focus on one specific goal or goals for your overall life. I love the idea of having your whole life goals in front of you. In my personal vision board, I include my health goals, financial goals, travel goals, family goals, and more. My tip is to find 10 -30 images that represent your goals so you have plenty to choose from. Pinterest is my favorite place to do this. (Don’t forget to check out the Petite Bijou Mood Board on Pinterest for inspiration)

After you have your images sourced, cut them out with scissors and lay them (unglued) on the board so you can first arrange them how you’d like to. I arranged mine by theme so that they were grouped together on the board.

Once you are satisfied with your layout, glue from top to bottom or bottom to top so you don’t lose the layout. This is a really important way of glueing because if you start in the middle, you’ll either run out of room or move the images unintentionally. I’ve done that mistake with brand boards before and had to start over because the glue had already set.


How To Use Your Vision Board Everyday

After your vision board is finished, set it up in a place you will see it every single day.

And when you see it everyday, I want you to look upon it and remind yourself what your hopes and dreams are. Don’t just look at the images, feel them….see them as your own. Tell yourself that these goals will come to pass by 2022 or whatever date you want to set for yourself!

But don’t just look and feel the images, act upon them!

Make a list of things you need to do to achieve this vision of your life. What tasks do you need to accomplish? What habits do you need to start? Write them down on the board, next to the board, or even in a daily scheduler or your phone so you can be reminded of how you’ll get to that dream life on the board.

Want to travel to Paris? You’ll need to save up. Write our a budget, start saving, start counting pennies. Do whatever you need to do to get to that dream vision on your board.

Because it’s not just a dream, it can be your reality!

Share Your Vision Board With Me!

If you decided to do a vision board, I’d love to see it. Tag The Petite Bijou on any social media platforms (check the sidebar or top of this website on where to find me on social media!) and share an image of your vision board. I’ll make sure to comment and check it out!


Bijou Feedback

Have you ever done a vision board? What was the most challenging or rewarding thing about making one? Did it help you achieve your goals? I would love to hear from you in the comments below!

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  1. Brenda in Virginia wrote:

    I’m laughing because my vision board would cover an entire wall!! Guess I’ll be sticking with my Pinterest boards since I have so many diverse interests. BTW, vision boards or just boards on Pinterest can truly work miracles by keeping one focused.
    Thanks for the great post!

    Posted 2.2.20 Reply
  2. briana wrote:

    Love this post! I made my 2020 vision board on Canva and actually have it set as my desktop image for my laptop so I see it all day, everyday when I’m working 🙂

    briana |

    Posted 1.16.20 Reply