How to Efficiently Organize Your Makeup

Have drawers with piles of unorganized makeup and skincare products? Do you fumble to find products and specific colors during those busy mornings before work?

I was like that too before I decided enough was enough. I needed a makeup storage solution. The worst was trying to do my makeup before my 7 AM class while silmutlaniously eating the breakfast I made only 2 minutes before and with only 10 minutes left to catch the train.

Yep, I was one of those people.

And hear me out – I didn’t have a vanity back then. Everything was just in separate boxes and makeup bags. While that worked OK, it wasn’t ideal.

I’ve changed a lot of my makeup and morning habits and putting on makeup has become a breeze with these organization solutions:

Create a Dedicated Space

Whether that is a vanity table, a small corner of the room, or even just a shelf on the closet – create a dedicated space for ALL your makeup and skincare.

They don’t have to be in the same place, but make sure that skincare and makeup get their spaces, if you know what I mean. For example, my skincare is all contained in the bathroom (neatly tucked into a drawer) and makeup is in another room with it’s own littler corner desk.


If none of these options work, do what I did in college: makeup bags or old purses for each type of product. I’ll raise my hand and say that I used to collect makeup sample bags (like the good old Clinique gift with purchase days) and would keep my makeup in those kind of bags.

One for all lipsticks, one for foundations, etc.

Just do make sure they are labeled. Because looking through them all will get really hectic during times of rush.

Use Acrylic Storage

Favorite way, hands down, to store makeup? Acrylic towers. These contain drawers of varying size for displaying and storing makeup. I’ll teach you how to set these up for efficiency in a bit, but here’s why they work:

  • You can see all your makeup
  • You can label them
  • Most palettes and foundations will fit
  • Makeup won’t get knocked around and cause powders to break


This one is on sale on Amazon right now for under $30!



You can solo get rotating towers, which can be helpful when you just don’t want to dig through things and it can be a clever storage solution in closets.


This one from Amazon is under $30 and has 8 layers and can hold lipsticks as well.


I have this one and it’s so perfect. Also consider purchasing acrylic lipstick holders and separate palette holders if your tower doesn’t have one for extra storage. These can even be stacked with your towers!





Ways to Efficiently Organize Your Makeup

Here are a few tips to efficiently organize and store your favorite makeup. Beware, the first step might be a bit hard….

1. Get Rid of Old and Unloved Makeup

I know, I know…that gorgeous palette you bought 2 years ago and that you still love today….but it has to go. Makeup, just like food, has a shelf life, and most of it is under a year. Click here for a great guide on shelf life of different types of makeup and skincare products.

Also get rid of makeup you never wear. If it’s still good, please consider donating it to a women’s shelter. Those women could use the makeup for potential job interviews! The same goes for brushes, just make sure you sanitize both!


2. Dedicate One Drawer/Section Per Item

Eyeshadows? One drawer.

Lipsticks? One drawer.

Categorize, categorize, categorize. This will make it so much easier when it comes time to dig around for your favorite products.

Organize your makeup in an efficient way | The Petite Bijou

3. Store top down or down to top….fit your schedule!

So I do my full face makeup before eye makeup. But maybe you do the opposite. I store bottom up, meaning all my face make up is towards the bottom of the storage tower and my eye makeup is at the very top, like a finishing touch!

Think about how you do your makeup and see how you naturally reach for products. Store them in a way that make sense for your schedule and for your routine.

Organize your makeup in an efficient way | The Petite Bijou


4. Brushes are best in a Mug or Cup

Literally a genius recycling hack – if you have a chipped or unstable mug or cup, use it to hold your makeup brushes! Of course, you can get an acrylic brush holder (this one comes with beads). but it’s up to you! I use an old mug and it works just fine (and saved me some money)

Organize your makeup in an efficient way | The Petite Bijou


Alternatively, you can store your brushes in something like this from Amazon. under $30.


5. Lipstick With A Twist

Here’s a lipstick storage hack that can save you time when searching for the perfect color. Get some white round stickers (these from Amazon are only $6!), like these, and for each lipstick, stick them onto the very top of the tube cover. Next, take the tube contains the lipstick and make a dot in the middle of the sticker.

That way, you can SEE the color and don’t have to spend time guessing which color you’d like to wear.


White stickers on Amazon for only $6!


Unfortunately, this trick doesn’t quite work on lipglosses…but it does apply to nail polish!


Final Thoughts On Makeup Organization

The trick really is to have less of everything. I know that can be a hard pill to swallow, because I too love makeup…

But it makes things so much easier when you just stick to the basics. I don’t encourage purchasing every new thing every time it comes out. And believe me, I love palettes too, but often time I find myself not using many of the colors. I don’t buy new products until I run out of old ones.

As a blogger, I receive a lot of PR packages from beauty brands and I’ve started to request to be taken of these lists. I just don’t need their products and the shipment/packaging is just so wasteful. If I receive something I truly love, I’ll use it, but the rest gets donated.

I don’t know about you, but I just don’t have the space for loads and loads of makeup.

Hope this guide was helpful! How much makeup do you have? Do you find it hard to store? If you have any good storage solutions, I’d love to hear them and your answer to these questions in the comments below!

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