How To Get Audrey Hepburn’s Signature Makeup Look

Have you ever looked at someone on screen and thought: “Wow, they are beautiful!”

That’s me every time I see Audrey Hepburn. She was and is immortalized as one of the most beautiful people in the world, inside and out. Audrey had lovely features and is the epitome of timelessness.

On days where I felt sad or insecure about my own physical appearance (burn scars do that to you), I watched classic films like Sabrina and Roman Holiday to get inspiration and confidence. I relate so much to those eras of film in my own personal style and beauty looks. So naturally Audrey’s makeup in these films (and in everyday life) was something I wanted to explore.

However, I’m no makeup artist. I can’t film myself doing her makeup – I’m not quite sure I’d be confident enough to. But I wanted to share the products Audrey Hepburn would have probably approved of and used if she was in this day and age.

So let’s get to some of the products I use to get this Audrey Hepburn inspired makeup look.

Get Audrey Hepburns makeup look! This Audrey Hepburn makeup look is easy to achieve with the right products that I'm sure Audrey would have loved! Click through to read

Foundation // Cream Blush // Eyeliner // Lipstick // Brows // Setting Powder // Eyeshadow Palette


Step 1: Prep your skin and apply foundation

Audrey had fair skin and I think it would be fair to say she would use either Bobbi Brown’s foundation in Alabaster or Porcelain. Apply with a wet beauty blender and make sure you are pressing the foundation into the skin gently but firmly. Audrey would have used a powder foundation but this is great full coverage foundation.


Step 2: Set with powder

Using the Charlotte Tillbury setting powder, apply with a powder blush in a patting and downwards motion to lock the foundation into place. You may also use a powder poof as Audrey might have done! Make sure you set any areas in which you find yourself getting particularly oily in such as the nose, forehead, chin, and cheeks.


Step 3: Eyes

Thought I might have said cheeks, yes? Well we are doing the eyes first so we can control how much blusher we put on later. It’s quite important that you not have overdone eyes and cheeks – choose one or the other. Audrey would have played up her eyes and would have been using something like this Doir Palette!

To get Audrey’s signature eye makeup look, take the lightest shade in this Dior palette and pat it on all over your eye lid – all the way to the brow. Next, taking a round crease brush, dip it into the light brown shade on the bottom left of the palette. Using a wind wiper motion, add that color into your crease making sure to blend it out. Take that color all the way in! Don’t just do it on the outer part of the crease,

Next, take a liner pen and line the top lash line only with black gel eyeliner. I use Bobbi Brown gel liner for its waterproofness and ability to stick to the lid very well. Start of with a thin line slowly adding more pressure towards the middle of the eye until you have a heavier outer lash line. You can choose whether or not you want to add a flick for a cat eye or just leave it as that.

Next, take a small eyeshadow brush and dip the brush in the darker brown color on the bottom left of the palette. Lightly sweep this darker color on the outer crease. Do this very light – you only want a bit more definition on that part of the lid. Follow with a light coating of mascara on the lashes.


Step 4: Brows

Brush the brows up and using the Anastasia Dip Brow Pomade, fill in your brows. Don’t go too bold. My suggestion would be to use light strokes at the front of the brow but make sure to fill in the tails of the brow for definition.


Step 5: Cheeks

Now we can finally move on to cheeks. Take a blush brush and light swirl it around in this blush color. Sweep the blush from the center of your apples of your cheeks. Use a circular motion to create that vintage blush effect. If you’d like to do an Audrey look that is more modern, feel free to sweep the blush all the way to your hairline and along the cheekbone. The blush will act as the bronzer – but do go very light! It’s very easy to overdo the blush.

With this cream blush, you don’t have to do anything but dab it unto your cheeks!


Step 6: Lips

You don’t need to line your lips, just put on red lipstick! Make sure you blot and set it with powder by blotting on a napkin, taking a new one and laying it right on your lips. Then take loose setting powder and set your lips by placing the powder on top of the napkin. This creates a very light barrier that won’t transfer color to your brush.

Otherwise, use your pinky finger to put on the lipstick in a very light manner on your lips and then use a setting spray to set your entire face,


The art of Audrey’s makeup looks is that they were very simple, She had such a classic and elegant look that doesn’t require much. All of this can be done in 5 minutes and look very glamorous and timeless, My final suggestion would be to take care of your skin so that the makeup application process doesn’t need too many steps.


What do you think of Audrey Hepburns makeup? Do you like it? Have you used any of these products before? Let me know in the comments below!



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