How To Incorporate French Culture Into Your Daily Life

How To Incorporate French Culture In Your Daily Life

Being French has nothing to do with actually being French.

It’s not about your roots, it’s about your outlook on life, what you do everyday, and how you approach the dilemmas, quirks, and struggles.

Being a Parisian, French, or just having that je ne sais quoi about you is all about your actions and words.

I take pride in having a relaxed but different outtake on life. Perhaps it is because I grew up with a European mother, but I do believe that it is because I watched and observed the stark contrast us Americans have on life compared to the French.

My french relatives look at life differently. They valued their time. They emphasized family and culture. This was something I was inspired by all the way through my adulthood. To this day, I practice the following French habits in my daily life.

Why not try them too?


Daily French Inspired Habits


1. Sit down for your meals

Stop rushing around for your meals. The french sit down to meals everyday and they sit with their whole family and loved ones. There are no breakfasts to go or TV dinners in separate rooms. Sit down at one table and enjoy a nice meal together.

2. Unplug before breakfast and after dinner

Don’t check your phone before you’ve had your breakfast and unplug after dinner time. You are likely spending all day in front of a screen – whether it’s at work or glancing at your phone every hour. Use this downtime to do things you love, read, or just relax.

3. Don’t take business calls during lunch

While you are sitting down at your lunch, try not to take any business calls or do extra work. You have time off for lunch for a reason – to enjoy a lovely meal and detox from the hustle and bustle of work. The French are not slaves to their jobs. The world of business can wait. Go ahead and enjoy that sandwich.

4. Choose comfort over style

Don’t suffer for the sake of fashion. French women would rather throw on a white shirt with jeans and flats than walk around in 6 inch heels and going “ouch” at every step. Try a pair of modern loafers or comfortable ballet flats.



5. Carry a novel or educational book

Whenever you can, try to read! If you’re on the train or at a cafe, take out a book and read for pleasure to to learn. Knowledge is power. I personally love to carry my Kindle in case I get stuck the rush hour commute.

6. Stop stressing about the little things

The French do not make a big deal about little things. Barista got your drink wrong? C’est la vie! Plate dropped and broke? At least it was just a plate and not you. When you stress about little things, you will end up a bundle of nerves, the antithesis of french culture.

7. Talk less, listen more

Take the time to ask questions of the people you are talking with. Listen more. Listen to them and really be a lending ear. You’ll learn so much about the world if you take the time to just slow down and truly listen.

8. Develop daily rituals

Develop a daily ritual that will leave you uplifted and relaxed. Wake up at the same time everyday, enjoy your breakfast, make the bed, do some yoga. Do something everyday that will make you feel best. I love to schedule down my daily rituals using a planner. Of course, french women just do it without! But if you need that extra motivation, use a scheduler.

9. Cook fresh meals

Whether it’s using a meal delivery service like Hello Fresh or Blue Apron, try to cook fresh meals everyday. French women eat healthy and fresh meals everyday because they know how important it is to eat fresh food. Healthy eating is good for the body, the skin, and soul.

10. Buy from local markets and boutiques

Speaking of buying fresh, try out your local farmers markets and local grocery stores! French women love small market shops and boutiques. Buying from local artisans is also a wonderful way to accessorize and find new clothing that is completely unique.

11. Stop small talk, start discussions

“It’s raining, isn’t it?” Skip the small talk and actually have discussions. The French do away with frivolous small talk – they go into heavy discussions about passionate subjects like religion, politics, and current events.

12. Observe more

When you’re at a cafe or even just passing by a park, sit down and observe the world around you. Enjoy a cup of coffee and people watch. It’s one of my favorite things to do! You learn so much about people and their habits that it almost becomes a deduction game. But the best thing is just relaxing and being content that while the world is being busy, you are just being.

13. Opt to walk

You don’t need to Uber 5 blocks away. You don’t need to take a train if the weather is nice. Walking is very good for you and your circulation if you spend a lot of time sitting. Get those legs moving!

14. Spend an hour everyday doing something you love

Whether thats baking, playing sports, or even just sitting with you pet, do something you love for at least an hour each day. You’ll be happier!

15. Carry less, but make it chic

So go ahead and own a designer purse, but don’t carry your whole life in it. You don’t need your computer everywhere you go. You don’t need a full makeup bag. All you need is your phone, a good book, water, and some red lipstick.



16. Overdress for little things

Make every occasion a dress up one. Instead of sweat pants to the grocery store, why don’t you change into a nice jersey dress with some ballet flats? Or if you’re out for a nice dinner, skip the pencil skirt and opt in for a beautiful flowy dress.

17. Enjoy a coffee and chocolate piece everyday

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with a cup of coffee and a square of chocolate each day. Get rid of the diet mentality and learn about eating fresh foods instead of just cutting foods out. The point here is you can still indulge while being healthy.

18. Go au naturale with your skincare

No, not naked (I mean, I guess do what you want), but do get natural with your skin. Use natural products like rose water or rosehip oil (Kate Middleton uses this!) to help keep skin glowing. Try out mineral waters or mineral cremes like Nivea to moisturize. Use cucumber slices to depuff your eyes. Stop putting toxins on your skin through so many skincare products.



19. Get informed

Read, listen, watch the news. Get informed about world events and local ones too. Go to community gatherings and get to know the issues facing your whole community. Visit museums, art galleries, and lectures. Become a worldly person through knowledge.

20. Develop a slower pace for your day

The French secret to life is taking everything day by day and minute by minute. This is the only life you get – don’t let it pass you by without your 1 hour of coffee and chocolate.


Which daily rituals will you incorporate? Do you have a love for the french and their way of life? I’d love to hear from you. Please leave a comment below.




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  1. Roberta Dubonet wrote:

    A wonderful site.

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    Lovely. All things French for me, especially now when we can’t visit. So I Frenchify my home, my wardrobe, my habits.

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  3. Loretta wrote:

    Makes my bed every morning and coffee on the patio which faces a public park.

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    Loved the article.

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    Thank you for this. I loved reading this. I felt like I was reading about myself haha. But a great reminder on self love.

    Posted 3.27.21 Reply
  6. Margaret wrote:

    What a lovely post. I am not French but moved to rural France ten years ago and couldn’t agree more with all that you say, especially about joining in with local life. My daily treat is to make sure the ‘Sejour’ ie kitchen, dining, living room is clear when I go to bed so that in the morning I can enjoy a leisurely breakfast of brioche, apricot jam and black coffee whilst looking out of the window at the new day. Sounds too simple I know, but for me it really gets the day off to a good and stress free start.

    Posted 2.20.21 Reply
    • Editor wrote:

      Thank you for reading the article and for sharing a part of your routine with us!

      Posted 2.21.21 Reply
      • Sarisincap wrote:

        Hey Mariam thank you😊 this is wonderful but I think it is not all about French culture it is about Mediterranean one.🤫

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    Enjoyed the visit…hope to see more…

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    Can’t travel this year, so this was a fun “escape” to one of my fave cities!

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  9. Richard Hacker wrote:

    Stumbled across your site by pure accident and want to tell you how much I enjoyed it. We usually holiday in France but this year we had to cancel our family trip because of the pandemic. Your article brought back so many nice memories of France that I do not feel so deprived. France will have to wait until next year to be confused by my Franglais. Thanks.

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  10. jill weber wrote:

    Beautifully simple

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    This is amazing! I hope I can live a more meaningful and simple life❤️

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    OMG! I am so happy I found this little blog post, and you, and this whole website. I love it all. I’m super into French culture and wholesome lifestyle blogs. New subscriber!!!

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    I cannot thank you enough for this post! I have felt so out of sorts lately and this gave me so much perspective. I felt so connected to what you said and look forward to incorporating these things into my life. Merci!

    Posted 7.22.19 Reply
  14. Donna wrote:

    Hi Miriam,
    Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed this post. It truly brought a smile to my face and made me miss France even more.
    There’s something about the lifestyle that draws you in and gives you an appreciation for everyday life and family.
    I look forward to following your blog and hearing more about France. Mon coeur eat en France❤

    Posted 7.20.19 Reply
  15. Julie wrote:

    I just wanted to say that I love your blog and enjoyed this post. I am becoming more and more interested in French style and culture. I can so relate to this list already, it just makes sense. New subscriber. Greetings from Austin, Texas!

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    • Mariam wrote:

      Hi Julie!

      Welcome, welcome to The Petite Bijou! So glad to have you as a new reader and so incredibly happy you have enjoyed this blog post. I too love French culture and we have many more posts scheduled on this topic. Hope you stick around to catch them all!

      Many thanks and let me know if you have specific topic requests,

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