How To Look Timeless

How to Look Timeless

A very long time ago I decided my style was not trendy. I could never quite fit in wearing the clothes I wore.

In middle school, I was sported berets and trench coats. In high school, nude pumps, totes, and blazers.

For me, looking timeless was my art – I was expressing myself as a person: the girl who would rather watch film noir, read books about Burberry and Chanel, and shop for vintage clothing and items.

That’s who I was. That is who I always will be.

A while ago, I got asked a question that prompted me to write this post. Because it wasn’t a simple question. In fact, the woman who asked it of me was rather curious and wanted to know how she could also do this one thing. Here was the question:

How do you always look like you stepped out of  an old timey french film?

I had mixed feelings about the question – I always got made fun of for being too “vintage” or “classic”.

She however proceeded to say that she wanted to know how I achieved a classic and timeless look because it was more in line of how she wanted to look everyday. But she wanted it to feel natural.

It is natural – and it’s fairly easy. Looking timeless is not complicated. The whole essence of a timeless look is to look and feel effortless, cool, modern, yet classical. So I’m going to share with you my style tips for achieving this kind of look.

How to look timeless

How to look timeless


1. Avoid Too Many Trends

Neon, crop tops, and rose gold colored everything are great for a modern wardrobe. But if you’re going for a timeless look, you’ll want to avoid wearing too many trends. Stick to classic shapes, styles, and colors.

However, please remember I am not saying to avoid trends completely, just nothing too exciting.


2. Wear Classic Cuts

The trend now a days is to wear slightly oversized clothing items – which is great for a modern look, but not a timeless one. Go for something that suits your body shape and is also structured. Fit & flare, slip, and midi dresses are all very timeless. The same goes for swimsuit cuts like triangle, one-pieces, and bandeau. All very timeless.

Also skinny jeans are pretty timeless in their own way because of the slimming cut. So don’t think you need only skirts & dresses. Pants and shorts can be timeless too.


3. Tailor Your Whole Look

From getting things resized properly to making sure your makeup is perfected, it is important to not only look your best, but feel good too. Proper tailoring of clothes will make the world of difference in your timeless appearance. Also tailor your makeup and skincare to appear clean, professional, and not overdone. Practice your signature timeless look until you feel confident!


4. Add Simple Glamour

What does it mean to be glamorous? It is the art of refined luxury in an approachable way. I like to take this as meaning adding only a touch to your everyday look. You can add simple glamour by wearing a big statement necklace but keeping the rest of your look very subtle. It’s the way you walk – head held high, not looking down, and smiling as you go. It’s the cat eye sunglasses you wear as you slightly pull them down from your nose to read a cafe menu. Add simple glamour in the littlest ways for maximum effect.


5. The Importance of Time & Place

Being timeless does not mean showing up in costume or a really elaborate vintage item. I want to really hone in on the point that being timeless is only 50% of how you dress. But it is important that when you do put on a timeless outfit, to remember that there’s a right and wrong place to wear something.

This is a rule that all luxury/classic outfit wearers know. It’s not appropriate to show up to work in a designer ball gown nor is it appropriate to come in with highwaisted jean shorts.

The point here is to dress to the time and place you’ll be heading – be mindful of dress codes, time of day (for your makeup look), and what kind of accessories are needed or not needed. I wouldn’t, for example, wear this dress to work. I would wear it for a stroll or an event however. Just adding/taking away accessories can fit it into an occasion wear outfit.

What does being timeless mean to you? Leave a comment below!


So….what kind of things do I need in my closet for a timeless look?

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    Finding my way to that timeless look.
    Your blog is very helpful. Thanks!

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  3. Tegan Dedekind wrote:

    Trying to redo my wardrobe, looking for some tips!

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    • Mariam wrote:

      Hi Tegan

      Hope all is well! Thanks for reading this post. Make sure to sign up for the capsule wardrobe guide. It has a whole step by step roadmap for redoing the wardrobe, More posts coming soon so make sure to stay tuned!

      Many thanks,

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    I love that you are bring back class for young women today. I practice this being raised southern.

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